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Abby Marks Beale’s RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course Review

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The post will you in-depth review of Abby Marks Beale’s RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course which is one of the best course to improve reading with speed reading techniques.


FounderAbby Marks Beale
FormatOnline course with internet access
Price1-Day pass (Free)

7-Days pass ($49)

90-Days pass ($149-$199)


ExtraOngoing support from the course author Abby Marks Bale by e-mail and can access a free e-book

Rev It Up Reading is an online speed reading course that brings the speed reading workshop experience to you. A program that helps readers to hone their reading skills. Rev it up reading is renowned by speed reading expert Abby Marks Beale. She is America’s #1-speed reading expert. She will teach you how to enhance your reading skills for the better reading experience. The Course enhances your reading skills from your average reading skill.

I am a college student and in some cases, I truly need to set everything aside and read rapidly. That can be less demanding said that done. I watched individuals “speed read,” however, it is pleasant to attempt yet potentially difficult to accomplish.

In just nine short, simple to-takes after modules, a person can easily read without taking much stress for reading thousands of words altogether. This is something that will never be educated in a customary school; however it is accessible online at this point.

You only have to make an account with the organization. I approached exactly what I expected to go ahead. It incorporated the course, a printable exercise manual, and the digital book qualified 10 Days for Faster Reading. I valued the outline they gave of how individuals read, and I realized why a few people read so gradually. Numerous individuals read like me – either mouthing the words physically or saying them in their heads. Yet, that isn’t the most ideal approachable. You can learn to manage it once and for all by the learning the simple hacks for better reading.

Course is for?

Rev it up reading course is not for all age groups; it is for,

High School Students.

College students.


Reading Leisure.

Things Included in RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

9 modules approach, a short and amazing system suitable for anyone- 9 modules for 5 hours are breaks into 30 minute of each review. It comprises the main part of the course. It includes worksheet exercises tests for practice.

You can access it online on your desktop and tablets- The course Rev It Up Reading is specially designed for desktop, Mac, iPad and Android tablets users. You can only access it if you having strong the internet connection. Internet accessibility is convenient it can also be the detriment when there is no internet connection.

You can get a PDF Book for free download- with the purchase; of course, you download a free PDF book for free. Book “10 days to Faster Reading” wrote by course author Abby Marks Beale. Books are detailed with course material in detail and can be downloaded for free. It makes easier to users to get extra or detailed information from the book.

Easy to understand the material- The 9 module approach of this course is very easy to understand and follow. Every module is designed to complete in 35-40 minutes, so you can access the program when and wherever you want.

A free demo is available- Before you purchasing the course you have given chance to take a free demo by clicking on free demo or free trial of 1-day option. If you liked it then you can further proceed.

50% discount and money back guarantee- Rev It Up Reading gives sometimes special discount offer for 90 days ($199) course. If you don’t like the course you will get back your money by money back policy.

Exercise- Rev it up reading course offers you most effective worksheets and exercises to improve your reading speed. An eye tracking technique, memory exercises and peripheral vision training will help you to better understand and retain the information.

You will definitely like it because its results are amazing- After the completion of the course the reading speed enhanced so much that you able to see the difference between you earlier testimonial and recent testimonial by comparing it, in short, it really works and you’ll enjoy it.

9 Modules of RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

Introduction- The first module will introduce you to the basic concept you will be learning throughout the course. How it works and its objectives? It shows you how actually progress will take place.


Expanding peripheral vision- It teaches you how to strength your peripheral vision and how to overcome the habit of rereading and regression. Give tips to improvement for your focus and attention to speed reading. It practices with the “White Card Method”.


Reducing the talking- It encourages you to speak words to yourself which slow you down. This is common problem everyone facing while reading. Also, it taught you to search some keywords in the text to some important or useful words in the text.

Words as thought phrase- It continuously expands your peripheral vision and teaches how to sort phrase and words. This helps you to increase the speed of combining words for reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension skill- Comprehension is about understanding the context or written material, tone and other information of the topic. Teaches you how well you drive information from the given material in short time of period.

The “Pull down” technique- Pull down technique is placing the one finger down on the text and skimming down the paragraph as you read. This module teaches skimming by placing one finger on the script and then carrying them down with some of the main points.

Manage the reading skills- This module gives idea how to organize your reading load and helps to manage reading load.

Skimming- this module helps you to extract important information, note making and key point from non-fiction reading quickly. Simply this module teaches you skimming form nonfiction material.

Review or summary of all steps- Last module summarize the all steps of information to facilitate the use of the techniques for you further reading.

RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course Price

Price of Rev It up Reading course comes with day pass.

  • 1 day access Rev It up Reading- Free
  • 7 day access Rev It up Reading- $49
  • 90 day access Rev It Up Reading- $90
  • 365 day access Rev It Up Reading- $299

You can purchase a discount registration also,

  • 2 Registrations for $248- 90 days access Rev It Up reading course to registration for you and your one friend. In which $149 for you and $99 for your friend.
  • 3 Registrations for $327- 90 days access Rev It Up reading course to registration for you and your Two friends. In which $149 for you, $99 for second registration and $79 for third registration.
  • 4 Registrations for $386- 90 days access Rev It Up reading course to registration for you and your Two friends. In which $149 for you, $99 for second registration, $79 for third registration and $59 for fourth registration.

PROS of RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

  • Gain reading confidence.
  • Reduce stress reading to manage reading workload.
  • Save your time.
  • Acquisition of advanced reading skills.
  • 9 modules each one is short and easy to understand.
  • 24 hours emails support to ask questions.
  • Only 5 hour’s modules.
  • 17 exercises and tests for evaluation.
  • Working on iPad and Android tablets.
  • Additional e-book at free of cost.

CONS of RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

  • Not for all age groups.
  • You can only access it online.

About Author of RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

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Abby Marks Beale is one of the experts in speed reading technique. She is the founder of the corporate educator. Abby Marks Beale has 20 years of experience in teaching of speed reading. She creates a course by which you can speedup up your reading skills. And these skills apply to both computer and paper material. Abby teaches you how to boost your normal reading speed in few hours. If you have any query related to the course you can ask her directly by e-mail during the course.

Abby Marks Beale is author of two books “10 days to faster reading” and “the complete idiot’s guide to speed reading”.

RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course Review

RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Review

Book 1 by Author – 10 Days to Faster Reading

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Too many books and too little time we reader face the same problem all the time. It raises a question: how to read more with the same comprehension in the shorter time.

That’s all the purpose of this book.

By reading 10 days to faster reading improve your reading skills. You’ll be reading faster and retaining more than ever before. The Book includes specially designed reading techniques. It simply shows you how to break the bad habits that slow you down. It replaces your bad reading habits with the good reading habit. This book did a fantastic job in helping me increase my reading speed and retention, with simple tips to maintain comprehension and improve reading speed. On the off chance that you need to get the most out of understanding, you’ll have to re-figure out how to organize, see and quicken your reading so as to stay aware of the quick paced world.

If you are not familiar with the concept of speed reading, the book is especially for you.

Start off by understanding the purpose of reading this book.

Who is it for?

  1. College students.
  2. Educator looking for new techniques of reading.
  3. Anyone who wants to enhance the speed reading.


  • How to break your bad habits that slow you down and replace with good reading habits.
  • How to develop the power of concentration.
  • How to reduce your reading time in half.
  • How to use specially designed reading techniques while reading.

Book offered

According to the book speed reading based on six things;

Use Keywords- Looking for the keyword the author wanted to write and skip the small words. The point here of doing so saves the time by skipping few words. Small words tend to be less important for reading skipping them will not affect your understanding of the reading text. Small words for example; a, of, with, the.

Pointing- pointing is when your finger or pen helps you to keep on you line. The point is here about is eyes follow the movement. It going little faster than you read regularly without using finger or pen, as your eyes move faster you read faster. But this technique is can’t be used in online reading.

Skimming or scanning- skimming includes the moving your eyes over the text for main ideas. As you skim your text material, you trying to read with summary or overview of the concept. Skimming and scanning work hand in hand. Because in scanning is when you are looking for a specific detail in what you’re scanning.

The Understanding between lines- understanding between lines is while reading not stopping at any of the word. If you don’t understand the words or line at your first reading than don’t reread it again and again. Skip it.

Stop sub-vocalization- as per research our brain can read 400 words per minute but by sub-vocalization (mouth along with words) we read 150 words per minute. Stopping this habit can increase your speed reading. Stopping sub-vocalization leads to focus on keywords.

Concentration- fast reading needs concentration. If you want to improve your speed reading so to do better concentrations og reading material while you reading.

Table of Contents


Day 1Putting the key start
Day 2Reconstruct your speed reading engine
Day 3Revving up your focus
Day 4Getting up to speed
Day 5Reading the road map
Day 6Hanging out the alert banner
Day 7Reducing the pileup
Day 8Calibrating your reading speed
Day 9Reading on a technical track
Day 10The last lap

Key lessons of the book

  1. Linear reading is ineffective- you don’t have to read every word from non-fiction material. Start reading only the text in which you really interested.
  2. Choose what to read- before you read anything ask yourself, why am I reading this and what might I need this information for? To determine your purpose. If you can’t come up with a purpose and responsibility, don’t read it.
  3. Question before content- the power of purpose setting
  4. Priming- the benefits of the quick preview.
  5. The thought is faster than the world
  6. Your eyes can absorb information more than you think
  7. Take notes for better comprehension and retention
  8. Eradicate disruption for better results
  9. Challenging the author
  10. Reading is not enough

Quotes from “10 Days to faster reading”

“In reading, your engine is your eyes and brain. Though your hands are helpful, they are not necessary”.

“Think of this book as a key that enables you to jumpstart your reading abilities and test-drive a whole jumpstart your reading abilities and test-drive a whole new set of skills and techniques”.

“You can train your eyes to pick up keywords. Learning to ‘swing’ your eyes helps them become more familiar with efficient eyes movements necessary for faster reading. With a little practice develop a smooth reading rhythm”.

“Concentration is the art of being focused, the ability to pay attention. Unskilled readers try hard to concentrate but frequently daydream instead”.

“Effective reading is an exchange of ideas, not a one-way conversation”.

“One sure way to avoid going into any reading situation completely blind is to first tap into your background knowledge”.

“You are the one who coverts your reading relationship from a monologue, where you are the passive recipient of the author’s words, to a dialogue where you actively ask questions and look for answers”.

“Knowing your purpose and applying pre-viewing are the key factors for determining your overdrives speeds: scanning, skimming and skipping”.

“If you have always read slowly, it doesn’t mean you will read slowly your whole life- unless you choose to”.

Abby Marks Beale begins off by asserting that you just know how to read in the most basic way. To her, reading speedier isn’t a superpower. If you perceive it as such, it’s probably your school fault.

Review- Here are some reviews of customers who experience the book “10 Days to faster Reading”

Book 2 by Author – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading

Image result for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading: A Book Review

“The complete idiot’s guide to speed reading” by Abby Marks Beale, Pam Mullan. This book is for breaking the speed reading limit. It provides you expert advice on how to read for speed on paper and on the screen along with practice and methods to track your speed and comprehension. If you want to improve your time organization abilities, this book is a must.

Like other people, I feel overwhelmed with stuff I have to read to be up to date. It helps me to improve my comprehension. This book offers a wealth of practical strategies to read and understanding in less time. Whether you’re reading for pleasure, study or professional purpose this book will provide you with multiple ways to accomplish what you want in less time and with better results.

In “complete idiot’s guide to speed reading” book you will get

  1. Proven Techniques that works best for you.
  2. Expert advice regarding to read on paper and screen.
  3. Practice so that you can track your speed and comprehension progress.
  4. Quick tips for prioritizing your need to read list.

Book Offered

  1. Your present level of reading- If you read 100 to 200 words per minute, you’re considered as a slow reader. The average reader can read 200- 300 words per minute. In starting of the book you can test your current speed of reading.
  2. Expand your peripheral vision- this book helps you to predict what would come next even before your eyes glance at it. It shows you how much you can see while reading.
  3. Retaining- book gave great insight on how to understand and retain what I was reading. It prevents you from going back to read what you not understand.

How to Use This Book?

This book is divided into four main parts. Here’s what you’ll find in each part’

  • “Getting Up to speed with what you read”- in this chapter you will find out your current reading speed by using some tests or exercise. After evaluating your current reading speed you are introduced to several techniques. Techniques such as reading key words, using hand, fingers or card, reading thought chunks and expanding your peripheral vision to see more text. Drill method is used as a way to challenge yourself to read faster than you might normally feel comfortable.
  • “Get in, Get out, and don’t go back”- it helps to know how to best set you up for reading success. Getting in means reading fiction and nonfiction reading. Getting out, helps you to find out how you are going to literally get out of what you’re reading as efficiently as possible through skimming, scanning, skipping and understanding the organize patterns. Don’t go back helps you to reduce your tendency to forget what you read.
  • “Tuning up your speed”- takes what you know about the speed reading techniques and the other effective general reading strategies to discover what to speed read and what not to. Include here is a fabulous chapter on speed reading on the screen which, as of this printing, is not found anywhere else. You learn how to adapt the hand and card methods for paper onto a computer screen as well as get some insights into how to print less to save time. And finally how to reduce back skipping, sub-vocalizing and daydreaming.
  • “Overload Management”- This part of the book deals with your piles of reading, on paper and on screen. And some commonsense strategies for managing them both.
  • Extra- Author includes some speed tips, speed bumps, speed secret, definitions and things that will complement your speed reading efforts.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting started
Chapter 2Winning hands down
Chapter 3Expand peripheral vision
Chapter 4The eyes have it
Chapter 5Comprehension functioning
Chapter 6Getting ready
Chapter 7Getting in
Chapter 8Getting out
Chapter 9Don’t go back
Chapter 10Speed reading books, newspaper and magazines
Chapter 11What to read and what not to
Chapter 12Speed reading on screen
Chapter 13Improve your back habit
Chapter 14Embrace your paper reading
Chapter 15Making your electronic piles inviting

Here are some reviews of customers who experience the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading.”

Apply for RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course

You can apply for the RevItUpReading Online Speed Reading Course by visiting the website

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