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Last Updated on August 23, 2017 by Darshan Modi

Darshan Modi
Darshan Modi

In our daily lives we are amazed & fascinated by watching our favourite superheroes and we always wish to own the superpower they possess.

After watching our favourite superheroes a common question comes to our mind; do superhumans really exist.? The answer is YES, they do exist and you might also have one in yourself.

We as human beings are so much busy in our day to day lives that we hardly look within ourselves.

Human being is an exceptional creativity of Almighty God and same human being is sometimes blessed with exceptional superpowers which he fails to identify.

Am on a mission to gather such superhumans all around the world and bring them in front of common people like you through this website.

If you come across someone who possess superhuman ability then you can join me in my mission by writing at admin@superhumansencyclopedia.com . Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Do you think you have superhuman ability hidden inside you.???

– Darshan Modi (Founder of SuperhumansEncyclopedia.com)