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Al Herpin – The Man Who Never Slept

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Al Herpin
Al Herpin


Al Herpin is a super-insomniac who did not sleep at all for more than ten years.


Al Herpin was born in France in 1862.

Early Life

Shortly before giving birth, Al’s mother was in a carriage accident.
Doctors say even as an infant Al did not close his eye’s.
Doctors predicted he would only live a week due to his condition.

About Al Herpin

Al Herpin lived most his life in Trenton New Jersey.
Doctors monitored Al for two weeks to try and disprove his claims and during that period he did not sleep at all.
He has no bed, cot or hammock in his house, only a rocking chair.
Al claims he came home from work in the evening and sat in his rocking chair and read the newspaper till morning.
He suffered no ill health from his affliction and died at the ripe old age of 94.
Al was a street sweeper in Trenton for much of his life, doing odd jobs for the local families.
He never married and had no children.
He was offered the opportunity to do talkshows to make money from his insomnia, but he declined as he had promised his mother he would never profit from his ability.

Genetic Or Learned

Al’s condition is most likely linked to the trauma experienced by his mother just before he was born, but there is a known genetic cause for permanent insomnia. However no one else in Al’s family suffered from chronic insomnia.

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Names Known By

  • The Man who never slept

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