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Become A Super Learner V2 Udemy Course Review

Last Updated on September 20, 2020 by Darshan Modi

Become A Super Learner V2 Udemy Course Review
Become A Super Learner V2 Udemy Course Review
The article aims to provide in-depth review of Udemy course BECOME A SUPER LEARNER V2: LEARN SPEED READING & BOOST MEMORY which is all about your self-development. It basically develops skills of learning anything earlier, easier and effectively.


Let’s start with the introduction of the course,

NameBecome A Super Learner V2: Learn Speed reading & boost memory
FounderJonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch and Prof. Anna Goldentouch
CategoryOffice Productivity & Speed learning
Course LanguageEnglish
Course TypeSelf-placed
Rating4.5 (8,033)
Students enrolled62,603

First, you have to know what is udemy and where the course found?

Udemy: – Udemy is an online teaching and learning platform for all, the marketplace for the differrent types of course. These courses are taught by expert instructors. Variety of courses you want to get specialized in present here for the longer period.

What is Super Learning

Super learning is the ability to learn a huge amount of stuff in short time period. It includes memorization, speed reading, quick learning and other information retaining phenomena. It has been recognized as the doorway to learning memory and reading. With super learning, you are essentially setting yourself in a place to appreciate and achieve significantly more things in life that you get delighted from. With super learning, you’re ready to do much more learning or obligations at a fraction of the time it will more often than not take you.

There are numerous super learning courses and every one requires various strategies and also ideas. But this course teaches you how to become a master of your learning, reading and memory skills.

Become A super learner V2

Become A super learner v2 on udemy is the new version 2 of the most popular course on the udemy. This Udemy course is in this manner perfect for the individuals who need to read, learn and remember more. As I have myself enlisted in the course I have a deep understanding regarding the course. The Course will teach you how to become masters and to improve learning, reading and memory skills. And I would recommend you to take this course if you really want to become an excellent learner.

Image result for superlearner v2

Super learner offers you all in one package to teach you to learn, memorize and retaining. It is an amazing course with brain tweaks. It gives you an effective way to improve your studying skills.

We all experienced learning new a language is always difficult for us to even though forgetting things you learned is most irritating thing ever. But this course gives you the process and management of a large amount of information. It improves your retaining or retrieval power.

By developing such skills you easily memorized numbers, facts, and concepts easily for a longer time.

The objective of this course is to change the manner by which individuals learn, so they will have the capacity to read and record a lot of substance all the more rapidly and adequately. It is a great course to take because it will help you for informing your skills of learning.

The Course is for?

  1. Students
  2. Professionals
  3. Peoples who love to learn new things
  4. Existing students of V1.0
  5. Hobbyists
  6. Any reader who wants to gain knowledge.

Requirement for Become A super learner V2 course

  • Content and material provided in English, so learner should be able to read English proficiently.
  • If you have any learning disabilities then contact the instructor before purchasing it.
  • Willingness to push yourself to make new healthy habits.
  • A desire to be successful.

Learning Material

Course is accessible by video classes, all never seen content found

  • 5-hour on-demand videos
  • Printable worksheet
  • Demonstration of how to use techniques
  • Homework assignments
  • An additional 1.5 hours of supplementary video
  • Quizzes
  • Lectures
  • Games to practicing
  • Exercise you must do and complete in order to gain new skills.
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How long does it take?

  • The duration of the course will last for 10 weeks
  • About 2-3 hours of training per week.
  • 30 minutes per day

Aim of the Become A Super Learner V2 course

Its main aim to develop 3 “super skills” in the learner,

  • Speed reading up to 3x faster than any average person or student.
  • Memory Techniques – Memorize and retaining the content information quickly.
  • Cognitive infrastructure (brain power) –store a large amount of content information for a long time.
  • Good learning habits
  • Manage large quantity content for improved information retrieval.
  • System for long-term memory

The course masters you some things before proceeding to the next topics or class. It doesn’t give you techniques only but gives you better life as a superhuman.

How it different from Become A Super Learner V1

The new course of Super learner V2 has better and updated content than ever before. It includes in-depth content with the detailed material. All new lectures and videos provided with much clear quality. Supplemental resources for the improvement of your learning and reading skills. Demonstration videos shown by instructors, printable worksheet provided. V2 is completely top to bottom refresh from the prevalent v1.

Method of teaching, speed reading and memory development

At the starting of the course, you will get to know about your dominant learning styles.

  • Memory storage – Changing your brain takes some work to do; they always give you a useful and meaningful workout to your brain. So that you always train your brain at the optimum level for you. You most likely to make cognitive improvements.
  • Memory Recall – The two main method of accessing memory is recalling and retaining. The Recall involves remembering facts events or content matter that is not currently physically present and requires the direct recovering of information from the memory. It helps to people retain or recover their brain so that learning becomes a lot more possible for the average human being.
  • Interesting content – By the unique tools and learning software they make it different from other learning courses. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and a want to succeed, you will locate the best utilization of enlisting in the course. The interesting highlights in the course permit ‘Turn into a Super Learner’ to emerge among contenders and give its learners a main advantage over the most developed strategies.
  • Exercises – All the exercises given by instructors during the course are for keeps your mind busy. You have to complete diagnostic worksheet and quizzes to attain the better result. Exercise is given to learners for practice every day. Exercise is carefully planned and changed with the goal that student enjoy training.

What includes in the Become A Super Learner V2 course?

Memory techniques – It improves your memory by recalling and retaining. It’s mainly strengths and refining your long-term memory. Improving your memory is the first thing that you will learn in this course.

  • Mind planning – you will learn an effective way that how to store the set of data, information, and content to memorize and recall.
  • Visual Memory – In the course, you will able to learn how can you change your visual memory into text. They give you demonstration how it works.
  • Indicators/markers – you will able to understand that about the use of logical and creative markers. How to use these markers for better understanding and learning.
  • Memorization system – You will also learn the method to maintain focus and memorization. There are lots of exercises to master this skill.

Enhanced reading skills – content of the course present in such a way that you will able to understand it very easily. The tools and technique give users straightforward and educational modules so they can turn into the productive and efficient reader.

Boosting skills- The curriculum of the course designed to expand your knowledge and memory. The course affects your study skills as well as your learning skills. It enhances the mind process with the help of different memory-related exercise and games.

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Comprehension test and understanding- By the starting of each section you will find comprehension test so you can see from where you start and compare the results to the quiz at the end of the section. The Learner can analyze themselves how much they have improved since the starting of the course or section.

Become A Super Learner V2 Course Curriculum

Curriculum – The lesson and the content taught in a specific course with which students will interact for the achieving outcomes. In the curriculum of Super learner V2 you will find that everything that requires to make you super learner content are present here.

As the course is of 62 lectures, the curriculum divides in such way,

  1. Introduction – you will able to learn how this course came to be, course syllabus, learning how to learn, what is super learner.
  2. Understanding your memory and how it works- in this you learn a brief explanation of how we store information.
  3. Explores the visual memory- Learn, why images are the most powerful way to remember, what type of images come naturally to you.
  4. Mental markers – demonstration of create markers as we read, how to create effective markers for better memory,
  5. Pre -reading and training for long-term memory- Learns to create strong interest and curiosity.
  6. Learn to read fastly in the short time period- speed tip like tricking your brain into speeding up
  7. Creating & maintaining the information for long-term memory- it includes chunking, memory palaces, mind mapping.
  8. Good learning habits- sleep and learning, maintaining long term memory, proper learning environment
  9. How to apply your new skills to anything and everything- tailoring skills: learning new things and never forget a face and a name.

Course Instructors

Jonathan Levi, one of the top instructors on udemy. The courses clients are guided by genuine individuals, with genuine information and tip to share. In spite of the fact that the group of teachers is little, at just three individuals, they are enthusiastic and headed to impart their insight to the world. Levi organizes an unbelievable work of managing you through to take your brain from normal to unstoppable. The instructors share their own experience and techniques to provide you knowledge. The information and practical he gave was amazing. Jonathan Levi gives you free content is often better than other’s paid content.

After taking this course

This is effective as long as you established an objective before beginning and focus on day by day preparing and practicing. You will able Learn anything more quickly and effectively. These skills help you to learn any other skills more rapidly. You will be able to read 3x times faster.

Advantages of Become A Super Learner V2 Course

  1. Ability to compare your outcome with the average student outcome
  2. Supplementary video provided to enhancing great knowledge.
  3. You can download course easily and access where and whenever you want.
  4. You will able to learn more quickly
  5. Ability to memorize numbers and facts easily
  6. Learn new language effectively
  7. Never forget the name and face of anyone
  8. You waste you less time by learning through old methods
  9. Increase focus and attention
  10. Read 800 words per minute
  11. Enriched you with knowledge, expand horizon with new knowledge
  12. Absorb information effortlessly
  13. Being vibrant and lucid is easily achieved
  14. Activate you mental potential
  15. Increase your Alertness and awareness
  16. Boost your memory like never before.

Review of Become A Super Learner V2 Course

You should definitely have a look at the preview of the course before taking it. Without taking the risk you can choose this course.

If you still don’t understand the concept of the course and doesn’t think its worthy than you have an option of 30 days policy to get a refund.

You can see preview of the course by clicking this link;

Image result for super learner v review udemy

Apply for Become A Super Learner V2 Course on Udemy

You can apply for the course by visiting Udemy