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Ben Lee – World’s Fastest Electronic Violinist

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Ben Lee
Ben Lee


Ben lee has a super amazing brain and reactions that are beyond ordinary which enables his hands to move at supersonic speeds while playing the violin, (majorly) guitar and piano.


Benjamin Michael Lee was born on 11th September 1978 in Eastbourne, Sussex in the United Kingdom.

Early Life

Lee was raised in Jewish household but never considered himself religious while growing up unlike his family members.
When he was 11,he had already released his first single and later on demonstrated his potential abilities by winning a television show competition which caught the attention of many evidenced by the very many scholarships he received to attend some of the top music schools.
He was a member of the Noise Addict band at 12 and later focused on his solo career when the band broke up in 1995.
He continued to nature his skills and when he was 16 years old, he was named the Young Jazz Composer of the year by the Daily Telegraph.
He attended Royal College of Music where he further developed his violin skills.
He also went to Moriah College, an independent modern Orthodox Jewish school in the eastern Sydney suburbs.
In 2007, he joined Linzi Stoppard to form FUSE; a rock violin duo that signed their first major record contract.

About Ben Lee

Ben Lee has worked with some of the most notable musicians including Emmy the Great, Goldfrap, Gorillaz, Mel C, White Lies, Lightspeed Champion and Arctic Monkeys.
He has had the privilege of leading Heritage Orchestra.
One of his greatest achievements was breaking David Garrett’s record by playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” in 54.24 seconds compared to David who played it in 58.515 seconds. He still holds this record up to now.
In 2009, he was involved in a car accident while exercising which injured his playing hand. He later recovered and appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show in the attempt to break a record which he missed by only 3 notes and a week later he broke it setting a time of 64.21 seconds. In 2010, he broke his own record and set a new time of 58.515 seconds.
He went on to release album after album and in 2015, he released his 10th solo album “Love is the greatest rebellion” on a major label, Warner Bros Records and later on freedom, love and recuperation of the human mind in 2016, Ben Lee sings songs about Islam for the whole family in 2017.

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Genetic Or Learned

Ben Lee started his musical career at a young age and has achieved his fantastic talents by training and practicing incredibly hard. It is a learned superpower.

Guinness World Records

Playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” in 54.24 seconds.
World’s Fastest Electronic Violinist.

Names Known By

Ultimate Super human.

Official Website & Webpage


Featured In

  • Alan Titchmarsh Show.