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Bob Munden – World’s Fastest Shooter

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Bob Munden
Bob Munden

Bob Munden Superpower

Bob Munden is the fastest exhibition shooter with handguns, rifles and shotguns who received the title “Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived” in the Guinness book of World Records.


Bob Munden was born on 8th February 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri to Robert and Dorotha Munden.

Early Life

Along with his mother and siblings, Bob shifted to South California to be with their father who was hospitalized due to gun shot in Second World War and also due to their family’s economic situation. When he was just six years, his father gave him a BB gun, a .22 rifle. When Bob was 11 years old, he entered his first Fast-Draw tournament after practicing using a cap gun holster. Even though he was not able to win the tournament held in the year 1953, he became dedicated fast draw enthusiast later inspired by the same. Bob did his graduation in Big Bear High School when his family moved to Big Bear Lake, California in the year 1954. He completed his graduation with flying colors in 1960 by excelling also in extracurricular activities like music and sports.

About Bob Munden

Bob Munden developed his shooting skills with the help of shooting archery. He started winning fast draw competitions at the age of 11. He became California State Marbles Champion when he was in his sixth grade itself. With his untiring effort, he got the privilege to hold 18 world records in fast draw competition, won lots of trophies and championships. Bob obtained second place in Leatherslap shooting competition using a Colt .45 Single Action which he borrowed from Col. Cooper when he was 16 years old. At the age of 20, he started to entertain with guns. He got first place in World Fast Draw Association at Hollister, California which was held in the year 1964. Bob married Becky in the same year. Later they have been blessed with two daughters by 1968.

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The recognition given by Guinness records to him are Fastest Gun, Quickest Draw and The Fastest Man with a Gun Ever Alive. He has achieved a lot but as there was record controversy it was unable to be shown in a written proof. Some of the records are available in previous editions. Still, we cannot deny that he is the fastest shooter in the world. In the Arizona State Championships held in the year 1966, Bob recorded five separate shots, Standing Reaction Balloons at the rate of 1 and .06 hundredths of one second.

In 1972, Bob Munden recorded the fastest time ever (.15 hundredths of one second) in the Walk and Draw Level Event held at Arcadia, California and in 1973, recorded .16 hundredths of one second) in the Standing Reaction Baloon Event held at Norwalk, California. He has performed many amazing shots which were so fast that cannot be calculated with a naked eye. In television shows, he has performed some of his fastest shots which includes shooting of two balloons which were six feet apart at the same time, hitting two separate, 14? x 24? steel targets with .45 caliber bullets in two shots, opening safety pin with a bullet, splitting playing cards and so on.

Later Bob developed interest in customizing guns with innovate techniques that can withstand stresses. His six gun magic was a well known and unique development. Bob became master gunsmith by developing his skills. After marriage, Bob and Becky performed together in many shooting events and shows. Bob Munden has done fast-draw shows for gawking students in the National School Assemblies program from 1969 to 1971. In 1976, Bob fired single action in less than two one-hundredths of a second in the grand opening of the first Guinness Book of World Records Exhibit Hall, New York.

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Bob and Becky launched Munden Enterprises, Inc. After that he performed in many television shows and conducted events. He introduced Munden’s school of the Fast Gun in 1993. He performed various amazing shots to show Bond Arms, Inc. what their double-barrel derringer could do. He was Cowboy Action Shooting‘s first gunsmith who did the best work in the business for shooting sports. He continued his shooting performance and gunsmithing till the end. Bob Munden died in a mild heart attack on December 10, 2012 at Butte, Montana.

Genetic or Learned

It is better to say that Bob Munden cultivated his in-born shooting talent in a better way by learning and hard work. He spent lot of his time in practicing shooting skills.

Guinness World Records

  • Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived
  • Fast draw competitor in 1980 edition
  • Fastest Gun
  • Quickest Draw

Names known by

  • Sharp Shooter
  • Exhibition Shooter
  • Fastest gunslinger
  • Six gun magic custom gunsmith
  • Quick draw shooter

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