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Brainev’s The Brain Evolution System Review – WHAT USER’S ARE SAYING

Last Updated on September 26, 2020 by Darshan Modi

Brain Evolution System
You are looking for the brainev’s Brain Evolution System review, right? You want to find out what this brainwave audio entertainment sytem cd meditation program really is, and how well it can help improve the performance of your meditation sessions, isn’t it?

Well, my brief but deep review will be looking into essential aspects of it including how it works, the benefits, what is included in the program, side effects, who shouldn’t use it and many more.

The reason of writing this review and recommending that you try the Brain Evolution System is because it is a unique program unlike any other that I know of, and I believe many people can benefit from using it.

It’s my hope you are going to find this really helpful. If you want to know more about a certain area of the system, you are welcome to ask a question, and I will be delighted to answer you. Okay?

It’s now time to know Brain Evolution System briefly,


What is the Brain Evolution System?


The Brain Evolution System is the most powerful self-development technology of this universe. It is more than of meditation and relaxation tool. Simply, it is the brain fitness program or the Gym for your brain

The Brain Evolution System or in short BrainEv is a SIX part highly specified audio system technique contain audio recordings for learning the brain. That creates sounds for achieving the advanced stage of meditation.

It is made up of specially crafted sounds to improvise your brainwaves that put your mind in deep meditation.

These special sounds are structured to improve your brainwaves that bring special advantages. It is six level audio programs consist of six wonderful natural sound of the environment.

This highly improvised technique trains your brain at a level where you can achieve mental relief. As you use this program your mind muscles naturally empowering you to take advantage of peak performance of brainwaves.
It has no relation with self-hypnosis, which means “positive thinking”.

The Brain Evolution System works on scientific techniques to control your brainwaves to acquire better performance. It mainly consists of audio CDs which you have to listen through earphones.
Each level of the Brain Evolution Program is made up of natural sounds. Using the exclusive 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process(3P DEAP) brainwave entertainment technique. And this is the most effective method of brainwave that combines the 3P DEAP technology. The expertise influence brainwaves are known as “brainwave entrainment”. Brainwave entrainment is brain’s electrical response to musical sensory simulation such as pluses of light and sound.

It has been created as a training gym for your brain.

The Technology can enhance your thinking capacity, your ability to deal with problems makes you innovative in all terms, stress reliever, increase energy, focused balance, increase performance, mood balance, overcome from lifelong fear and much more.

Let’s take a look what its focus on

The focus of the Brain Evolution System


Its only focus on achieving better mental state and learning to tackle with unsettling anxieties of your life. We each of us have some fear, focus problem, learning disabilities, anxieties, stress any other problems which leave our brain in a frenetic state.

Your mental attributes, such as calm, focus, satisfaction, imagination, intuition and mental insight have become increasingly difficult to obtain. But as you use the program you trained your brain muscles automatically. You act better, perform better, and learn better every aspect of your life.

It doesn’t require large a chunk of sustained time nor it is too difficult to get in. The focus point itself varies from level to level.

The Brain Evolution is all about performance and lives life at your peak.

You can watch the video at the end how it’s made and how it helps you.

How Brain Evolution System works?

Firstly you have to know about brainwave patterns.

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Brainwave patterns:  Human brain is made up of millions of neurons which use electricity to interconnect with others. These millions of neurons combined and send a signal to produce a huge volume of electricity in the brain. These combined patterns change regularly with our states of mindfulness which can be detected by sensitive medical equipment. The combination of these electrical activities is known as Brainwave patterns. These electrical activities change depends upon what person is doing. For example, the brainwave of a person who is waking is totally different from the person who is sleeping. Brainwave s is measured in Hertz. It is characterized by five main ranges:

  • Gamma ranges from 30 Hz and above: – Think inspiration, high learning, and focus. Complimented by other brainwaves.
  • Beta ranges from 12Hz to 30Hz: – It is awake state of a person. Spend most of our moments within this range. Think concentration and cognition.
  • Alpha ranges from 8Hz to 12Hz: – when we are in the state of relaxation it can be mental or physical, but still aware of the surrounding.
  • Theta ranges from 3Hz to 7Hz: – Daydreaming or state of feeling sleepy. It is associated with the creative ideas and thinking.
  • Delta ranges from 0.2Hz to 4Hz: – It represents the lowest amount of activity, occurs during deep sleep.

This summary gives you an idea of how our brainwaves work on the different levels of situation

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You already know that sound is vibration; it is a made out of different frequencies. The brain carries its own particular vibrations as well and these frequencies are known as brainwaves.

The system we called Brain evolution System plays special frequency into your ear with specifically designed natural sound.

At the point when the brain hears these frequencies, it tries to track the frequency pattern and this process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

Whenever you listen to the moderate rainfall. Your Brain follows these frequencies and impacts your brainwave patterns and by this, you feel so much relaxed. The sounds change your perspective.

The Brain Evolution System utilizes this information to play exceptional frequencies into every ear achieving the perspectives related to improved brain functioning.

So here is a video that shows you exactly how this how this technology works;

Levels of Brain Evolution System


Let’s get an insider’s view of it.

Level 1(Transcendence)

The first level of the Brain Evolution System is Transcendence.

The goal of this level is to help the brain that how to switch from one frequency to another frequency. In level 1 mp3 brain follows two frequencies alpha and theta.

The First level of Transcendence brings your brain in the mode of relaxation. The sound of the smooth running waterfall has the ability to make you relaxed and calm. These recordings clarify brainwave entrainment and concentrate on the best projects accessible. Only you have to do is promise yourself to use the first level each day for 30 minutes.

Here is a bit more information is taken from the user manual:


Level I Map - Brain Evolution System

All levels have variations of alpha, gamma, beta and theta frequencies. But Level one is pretty more of alpha and theta as compared to the other levels. For your brain it is easiest frequencies to entrain.

Listening to Level 1 running waterfall mp3 your brain acquainted with the state of relaxed and calm awareness. The meditative skills you acquired by transcendence level has the ability to release grief, boost your mood and let go depression.

Level 2 (Lucid Echoes system)


The Second level is known as Lucid Echoes System. It helps you to handle stressful situation and give you better focus. It helps you to give you a quicker response to any problem with a better solution. The clarity of your thoughts and focus reach a new level.

The brain is exposed to, two frequencies Delta and theta frequencies and also exposed to simulated disturbance for challenges to your brain to find calm and more relaxed state.

In the sound of chilling winds, you’ll also hear the sound of clanging bells, birds chirping. In starting you felt physical strain while concentrating on these sounds. After some time these distracting sounds will be finished and you can easily focus on the soothing and clear sound. This level is being of uncovering imbalance that gets activated by simulation.

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Just think – that’s only the second level of the Brain Evolution System!

Level 3(Infinity)


Level 3 of Brain Evolution System is Infinity. In this level brain is exposed to higher Beta frequency along with Alpha and lower Theta frequency. As with Level 2, listeners of Infinity are going to find that a deep state of meditation is going to be difficult to achieve.

It’s a lower Frequencies Create Deeper Concentration Level and gives you deeper relief as more as subconscious comes to into conscious

You’re going to be more creative because your focus isn’t going to be separated from multiple thoughts that are racing through your head.

The ultimate goal of Infinity is to help your mind become more lucid in every state it happens to be in at any given moment.

This includes the restorative state of sleeping, as many people report that dreams they have become more vivid and memorable as they progress through Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System.

Because your mind is more lucid, you’ll also remember more, be able to think quickly on your feet and experience the world in a completely different way. By Listening to this mp3 you’ll making your brain more focused and with great focus you can acquire great ability to cope up with any situation.

Level 4 (Crystal Rain)

Next Level of Brain Evolution System is Crystal Rain. It is exposed to two frequencies Alpha and theta with some fluctuated frequencies that give you experience to find balance.

It gives you chances to take a new look at your consciousness, the inner you. The Level is entrainment toward finding conscious balance.

The unique feature of this audio is that it washes negative thoughts and components that stored in your brain.

In this Level, you hear raindrop sound with Alpha and Theta frequencies. This combo actually trains the brain the sense of the state of balance in the presence of stimulus of deep relaxation and activity-that’s why Crystal Rain is Level 4.

It will help you discover not a new person, but the potential you’ve always had.

Level 5(Neptune’s Cave)

neptun's cave level 5

Four overall types of meditation can help you find more energy, happiness, and help you deal with stress in all-natural ways.

In this level sound starts by balanced frequencies, deep Delta frequency as well as some Alpha frequency. This allows the brain to experiences conscious balance. You can easily achieve your preferred state of meditation.

These deepest brainwave that mind produce is combination of all four meditative state which effects on your restorative state.

Neptune’s Cave starts to entrain these delta waves a new direction by helping them tune to the particular thoughtful states of your mind need to access with a specific end goal to locate the most profound feeling of peace. In just 5 months, you’re starting the way toward of fusing these meditation techniqes together with the goal that your brain can get to whatever it need during meditation.

Those individuals who practice meditation generally may not achieve this level of expertise in 5 years!

That’s why the Brain Evolution System is such a beneficial tool for so many people.


Level 6(Fusion)

The sixth level of Brain Evolution System is Fusion. The main goal of this level to access balance between strong fluctuation of beta and theta. This model allows your brain to get adjusted toward getting to the familiar frequencies in the center of fluctuation of high and low. At the End of the training the brain recognizes the condition of adjustment and this completes return focus toward adjusted living.

It is final preparation of brain entrainment that your brain needs to tune into consideration.

As your brain moves toward becoming entrained to acknowledge the different levels of meditation, you’ll start to find that meditation can happen any place, whenever, as long as you have only a couple of moments of spare time.

When you listen to this level you will notice your relaxation level shifts to highly meditation level. Your mind will begin to pick the frequencies that need to achieve the level of peace, happiness and happiness that you’re consciously motivated to attain.

Sometimes the sounds may seem jumbled, but that’s because your mind is simply working itself out of an unbalanced state. With Fusion, you are achieving your full potential.

This level is simply the outcome of the previous five levels you’ve spent. The time you invested in the previous levels has been well worth it once you reach at Sixth Level. It’s not about going to sleep but about training of your awareness to function in the mode of deep relaxation.

Allow yourself to re-create thoughts that trigger emotional and mental energy of restless, sadness and anxiety. The deal of the training is helping you find awareness in the center of relaxation.

Meditation routine with this level, what you’ll able to find is that your mind will finally be revealed and ready for analysis.

“I’ve used brainwave entrainment programs in the past, but none compare with these

What does the Brain Evolution System do?


The Brain Evolution System (or BrainEv) is a virtual gym for human brain. This gives virtual training to your brain muscles so that you can take advantage of performance states in future.

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Most of people after using Brain evolution system found themselves in less anxity, less stress and greater relaxation, improved moods, deep connection with your subconscious and conscious, more energy, become more sharper, clear vision and problem-solving, relaxation. The majority of users also report an increase in creativity, the ability to learn, memory, and problem-solving.

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For an individual, for example scholars or writer who always needs to boost their creativity and imagination, there is a great system that can help get brainwave into the alpha and theta ranges which is relaxation and concentration. But unfortunately, you can’t listen to these frequencies by simply playing sounds because these are below to many peoples listening ability.

Benefits Of Brain Evolution System


The benefits are truly magnificent:
In only a half year of utilizing the Brain Evolution System, you can achieve perspectives that already required years/many years of thoughtful practice.

  • Improve your mental abilities and enhance your memory
  • Lessen worry, anxiety and impulsivity.
  • Improves resilience against pain and adversity.
  • Increase your critical thinking limits.
  • Keep your conscious mind busy.
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • Increases self-awareness
  • It sharpens your brain at the advanced level.
  • Acquire conscious and subconscious insight.
  • Raise brilliant dreams, and recall them with greater comfort.
  • Can change your emotions easily and enjoy them.
  • You feel energetic and feel refreshed.
  • Increase memory retention & recall.
  • Boost your condition of mind.
  • Fee from social anxieties and phobias become more confident
  • Free from the bad habits, emotional baggage and illogical brain “programming”
  • Wash your negative past experiences and negative thinking.
  • Live happy and free, without negative emotional restraints.
  • Gaining greater vision.
  • Gaining greater understanding.
  • Great and noble thoughts develop.
  • Doubling your learning ability.
  • It helps one to understand the complicated reading matter.
  • It helps one to relieve stress that would otherwise make you less productive.
  • Provides one with limitless energy and motivation.
  • Working life will become much easier.
  • Gaining greater clarity.
  • And more.

How Brain Evolution System effects on brain?


Image result for brain meditation

Your brain changes in terms of relaxation as long as you listen. Boost your brain at such level in which things clarified and sorted. At whatever point you feel, frightened or have a sensation in your body (e.g., a shivering, annoyance, scratchy, whatever), you are much more prone to accept that there is an issue (identified with you or your wellbeing). This is definitely in light of the fact that your brain is handling so many things. The Brain evolution system helps to bring your brain to the attentive stage by blocking the issues that makes you feel tired.

For those of you who are interested regarding how this technology changes the brain, this is for you. In spite of the fact that this might be somewhat specialized, hold on for me since it’s extremely interesting. Here are the mind regions you have to know,

  • Lateral prefrontal cortex which allows you to modulate your emotions and give responses. Decreasing the brain ability to take things too much personally.
  • Middle prefrontal cortex, part of the brain which continuously gives you references of your experiences and perspective. It processes information related to you when you thinking anything about future, engaging in activities or feeling empathy for others.
  • Dorsomedial prefrontal cortex which engaged with handling data identified with individuals who you see as being unique from you. This imperative piece of the mind is associated with feeling sympathy and keeping up social associations.
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Brain Evolution System encourages the release   a brain chemical that encourages the feeling of comfort. Since memory power contains a locked joining. Your brain works proficiently when you are calm and happy. It enhances your brain functionality.

Thanks to the brain Evolution System ability as recover memory, brain Evolution System lets you retain the identical for a protected amount of your time. Therefore whether or not you’re a student or an employee, adequate does of brain Evolution system will facilitate your treated the path of success.

How does it work in practice?


The CD’s come as per your convenient case, and you have to simply load them into your PC or music center to play them or in any other mp3 player. It is designed to listen to a pair of your earphones rather than loudspeakers. The mp3 producing sounds of slightly different frequencies in each ear. When you listen it through loudspeakers the sounds of left and right side will get mixed. You can also get its MP3 version for your iPod.

To use the system properly, you are meant to listen to each CD six days a week for a month, then move on to the next. For the purpose of reviewing the system I didn’t want to have to wait six months, however, so I tried all the CDs over a three-week period, including some ‘days off’ so that I could compare the effects.

The sound of running water is used on all of them, but in addition there are other sounds, including birdsong, bells and musical chimes.

You have to do nothing simply need to sit comfortably and start listening. The recording will do the rest. You will fall in love with the sounds of the natural waterfall. Every sound of the Mp3 that you hear is natural. You feel refreshed after listening to the first level.

How Does Brain Evolution System Helps me?


At one point in my life, I started to get really tired and this made me stressed out and anxious. I start yelling at everyone. I start beeping with no reason. My irritating behavior affects my family, friends and my co-workers. It’s like I am suffering from the mental illness. I could no longer do all of my daily chores as well as office work. I shared my problem with one of my friend and he recommended Brain Evolution System and this was something which I am really happy about.

At one point somewhere around the end of Level 4, I could tell that I was ready to start controlling my mood. I did not have to do anything special, however. It just came naturally.

I really felt grounded inside and this helped me to improve myself so much.

Now I have moved on from the program and I believe that I am a superior and more joyful person.

That is the reason I strongly prescribed Brain Evolution System program for everyone who feels stressed. It really worked for me without any special effort on my side and I am sure that it will work for anyone else.

For making full utilization of the brainwave entrainment system, I recommend using Brain Evolution System. It is possible for anyone to escape from the trouble and to increase genuine personality control simply as I did. You simply need to try it and you will see.

Why I Think Brain Evolution System is the Best

Well, to start with, I have to admit that this program is on top in terms of the value you get off of it. The packages are well designed and will truly deliver great results.

For instance, if you want to meditate only and gain deep benefits of an experienced meditator, you can use BrainEv..

If you want to train your brain (which I highly recommend as it offers more value than the former) for intense meditation as well as pure concentration, you can use brain evolution system (brainev), which is valuable.

To get the best result you have to listen continuously. Consistency brings better, faster and amazing results.

In any case, in the event that you do wind up skirting a couple of days, because of some reason, I would recommend that you can simply include those numbers of days of further tuning in to the mp3. For instance, on the off chance that you skipped 3 days, simply tune into the mp3 for 3 additional days towards the finish of the 30-day time span.

Cost of Brain Evolution System


You will pay nothing to begin; it takes no costs to get a start. 100% Free for 30% days, NO compulsion to buy.

A FREE trail of Level 1. You can get Level 1 free of cost. This gives you fantastic chance to try BrainEv. You can try your 15 minutes DEMO for FREE. You have to do nothing but promise to yourself to use Level 1 every day for 30 days. Well, you can also cancel at any time.

It will give you deep, enjoyable, meditative relief, But you must listen this mp3 each day for only 30 minutes.

You have to give your little money when compared and the kind of marvelous, groundbreaking advantages you will appreciate.

After the first trial, the next remaining levels will cost you $99 per month for 3 months. As you pay you can unlock the all levels of brain evolution system instantly. No other meditation courses give you deal like this.

I highly recommend you try it out and experience the deep effect yourself. Well this system uses its patent-,pending 3 point dynamic entrainment audio which is a bit technical hence the reason for the free Brainwave entrainment download, you can try it (more than once to get full results) and make up your own mind if it is the right system for you.

What are the contents of Brain Evolution System?


They give six MP3 levels of brainwave entrainment audio file that all you can listen from any device that plays MP3. It’s best to tune in through a couple of earphones instead of amplifiers. You will love the specific sound of a waterfall that you hear. The same is valid for the clearness also. You will feel revived after the major session.

Also, video support provided. Full user guide, Access to forums and most important SEVEN month guarantee (so it’s fool-proof for you)

Brain Evolution System Forum

Brain Evolution System Forum

You can share your experiences; you can share any concerns that you have freely. There will always be someone to give you guidance based on understanding and personal experience. You can ask the question either. You can get full specialist support via email.

Brain Evolution System Reviews


If you have read any Brain Evolution System review you will see that it does have a majority of positive reviews. Brain evolution review unveils the wonderful secrets of their mp3 therapy.

Here are some reviews of customers who experience Brain Evolution System,

In mindfulness, or shamatha, meditation, we are trying to achieve a mind that is stable and calm. What we begin to discover is that this calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind. Through mindfulness practice we are just developing and strengthening it, and eventually we are able to remain peacefully in our mind without struggling. Our mind naturally feels content. Via



An amazon customer’s review Image result for brain evolution system review Image result for brain evolution system review Image result for brain evolution system review

Take advantage of the universe of brainwave entrainment and get your brain into ultimate performance every minute and every day. This video clarifies brainwave entrainment and concentration on the best programs offered

The result of daily contemplation is demonstrated, the only remaining question is this: are you willing to invest in yourself so that

You can entrain your brain and experience a true sense of peace? In my view, it’s really effective. I hope you’ll find something interesting in Brain Evolution System

Try Brain Evolution System for FREE


You can get a free demo of Brain Evolution System by visiting brainev’s website After clicking you will be directed to the website where you will be asked to enter your name & email address. That’s it!. After that you’ll recieve the free demo right into your inbox.