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Bruce Lee – The Legend Of Martial Arts

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Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee wasn’t just a Hollywood sensation, but his speed, agility and strength in boxing, martial arts and all around fitness was better than anyone has ever seen.


Bruce Lee (Lee Jun-fan) was born on November 27, 1940, in Chinatown, San Francisco.

Early Life

Bruce acted in several movies when he was a child, as Lee’s father wa s famous Cantonese opera star.
He moved to Hong Kong when he was 4 years old and was raised there until his late teens.
Bruce Lee was transferred to St. Francis Xavier's College (high school) when he was 12 years old due to poor grades and conduct.
Bruce Lee engaged in many street fights during his early teens in Hong Kong. This is when the father decided to move back to the US.
He began teaching martial arts when he moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington at age 18 and majored in drama and philosophy.
He met his wife, Linda Emery at his university, with whom he had two children, Brandon and Shannon Lee.

About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s films gave rise to the West’s keen interest in martial arts and martial arts in film in the 1970s.
Bruce Lee was the face of Chinese nationalism in his films, and through this, was an iconic figure all over the world.
Along with Western boxing, the martial art of Wing Chun was his main source of training.
He mixed Wing Chun and other martial arts influences and sources to create his own martial art.
He eventually developed his own martial art philosophy called, Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting First).
Bruce Lee’s European heritage came from his English maternal grandmother.
Lee participated in the 1964 and the 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championships where he performed incredible talents such as two-finger push ups and effortlessly punching his partner to send him flying into the chair behind him.
Lee was known for his fitness and physique.
Among his many talents, Lee also wrote poetry.
Bruce Lee was named one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century by Time Magazine.
He was voted at the Greatest Movie Fighter Ever by Houston Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014.
Bruce Lee was also a fantastic dancer & UFC Pioneer.
He died at 32-years-old on July 20th, 1973 from cerebral edema. His corpse was used in his last movie.

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Genetic Or Learned

No one has been able to do what Bruce Lee accomplished. And although he trained hard, he didn’t begin training at a very young age – but fell into the skills as if he was born to. At the same time, Bruce Lee had the right personality, background and physical abilities to accomplish what he did. He trained and involved himself in the activities which make him a superhuman at such a young age, and in doing so, carved himself into one of the world’s greatest icons.
There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Bruce Lee was a superhuman. He created and has mastered The Dragon Flag, an almost impossible core move, is said to be able to catch a single grain of rice with chopsticks, mid-air and was able to propel grown men across rooms with an inch-thrusted punch. He was also told to slow down in fights for sake of fairness, however when he did, was only seen as a blur.
If these aren’t superhuman qualities, then what are ?

Guinness World Records

  • Side kicking a 45KG sandbag.
  • Using nunchaku to hit a 1600 pound force.
  • 9 punches in 1 second.
  • Throw a 150 pound man 5-6 meters away by his one-inch punch.
  • Punching 350 pound bags.
  • 6 leg kicks in one second.
  • 1500 push ups in a row with two hands, 400 in a row with one hand, 200 push ups with two fingers on one hand and 100 with a thumb on one hand.
  • Kick a 135 gunny bag about 5 meters away.
  • Hold a 34 kg barbell straight armed in front of him for 20 seconds and can hold 56 kg barbell flat and stop for a minute.
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Names Known By

  • Little Pheonix
  • Sai Fon
  • Lee Jun-fan “return again” (Catonese)
  • Li Yuanxin (family name)
  • Li Yuanjian (student name)
  • Li Xiaolong (“little dragon”)
  • Godfather of mixed martial arts

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Featured In

  • Lo Wei's The Big Boss (1971)
  • Fist of Fury (1972)
  • Golden Harvest's Way of the Dragon (1972)
  • Enter the Dragon (1973)
  • The Game of Death (1978)
  • Golden Gate Girl (1941)
  • The Birth of Mankind (1946)
  • Wealth is Like a Dream (1948)
  • Sai See in the Dream (1949)
  • A Myriad Homes (1953)
  • An Orphan's Tragedy (1955)
  • The Wise Guys Who Fool Around (1956)
  • Marlowe (1969)
  • A Walk in the Spring Rain (1970)
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