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Byron Ferguson – The Incredible Archer

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Byron Ferguson
Byron Ferguson


Byron Ferguson can shoot an arrow from a Longbow with such accuracy that he can slice a playing card in half, from the side. He can shoot coins out of the air and a diamond out of a ring with his naked eye – without using any additional sights or tools for accuracy.


Byron was born in Moulton Alabama

Early Life

When he was two years old, Byron’s family moved to Birmingham and then Hartselle. As a young child, Byron’s father would take him hunting, by the age of three he had killed his first animal.
At the age of 12, Byron realised he could get a hunting licence to kill a deer four weeks earlier with a bow and arrow than with a gun so he started working as a brick mason to save the money he needed to buy his first bow and arrow, which when he bought he could not even hit a hay bale with. At School Byron played baseball, football and was on the track team.
Byron was inspired by Howard Hill to shoot with a Longbow. Byron started working as a sheet metal worker before he became a professional archer. In 2003 he started Byron Ferguson Productions which is a full service video production company. In 2012 he was included in the Outdoor legends Hall of Fame.

About Byron Ferguson

Byron is married to Wanda who used to share his passion for hunting, but was in a serious car accident and cannot hunt anymore. They have two sons, Shaun and Zachary. Shaun does not hunt like his father but prefers to play music but Zachary hunts with Byron. They live together in Hartselle where Byron was raised.
Byron does archery shows all over the world where he demonstrates his accurate shooting skills, his biggest show ever being in France where he performed for 70 000 people. Today he shoots with the a “Royal Safari” bow made by Fred Bear Archery. He has also designed bows for his son, Zachary, called the Zbows.

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Genetic Or Learned

Learned – Byron trained himself by by sitting in a dark room and shooting at flames.

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Featured In

  • Movie : Saints and Soldiers (2003)
  • Movie : Extreme Marksman (2008)
  • Movie : More Extreme Marksman (2009)
  • TV Series – Jay Leno (2001)
  • TV Series – Host for Liv’n on the Wild Side
  • TV Series – Host for Shooting USA
  • TV Series – Stan Lees Superhumans (2011)
  • Book: The Masters’ secret of Bowhunting Deer (1993) John E. Phillips
  • Book: Bear Archery Traditional Bows : A Chronological History (2016) Jorge L Coppen

Books Published