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Chris Robinson – Dream Detective

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Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson

Is it possible for your dreams to be the stories of the future? Chris Robinson believes that his dreams hold the key to what will unfold in the future.

Chris Robinson Superpower

The dreams of Chris Robinson have a tenancy to come true.


Chris was born in England in the August of 1951.

Early Life

Chris led an uneventful life until the age of ten when he underwent cardiac surgery. From this time onwards he was plagued by dreams that had a habit of coming true.

About Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson’s first real experience of his dreams coming true was in the 1990s when appeared on a British show called “Strange but True”.In his dream he was at an air show and one of the planes crashed. The pilots survived by parachuting out of the plane in time.
Chris travelled to the air show to see what would happen and to his surprise, the even played out in exactly the same manner. After this episode, Chris Robinson has regular contact with the police and kept them updated on any dreams he had.
On August 5, 2001 Chris dreamed about a plane being hijacked and flying into two large tower blocks. He continued to have the dream in greater intensity and write to the US Embassy in London to warn them. The dreams because a tragic reality on 11 September 2001 when hijacked planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York killing almost 3000 people and injuring more than 6000.
Chris was investigated by the Secret Service and tests done to try and understand his gift. According to some posts, he scored 10/10 for all the tests and was a declared a true Psychic. Today Chris works as a Psychic Superstar on Oranum.com

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Genetic Or Learned

Chris’s gift must be genetic as it is impossible to learn how to foretell the future through dreams. His gift was bestowed on him when he underwent surgery and had a near death experience.

Names Known By

  • Dream detective

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Books Published

  • Dream Detective – 1996