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Das Uberboy – The Muscle Kid

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Das Uberboy
Das Uberboy


Das Uberboy has very strong muscles which he was surprisingly born with.


Das Uberboy was born in 1999 in Germany.

Early Life

Das Uberboy (not his real identity) was born with ripped muscles like those of a body builder which happened to shock a lot of nurses and doctors.
It has however been said that some of his family members are known for having excessive strength including his granddad. His mother also used to be a sprinter.
This was caused by a genetic disorder that eliminates myostatin gene; one that limits muscle growth.
His parents hide his real names for personal reasons.
The kind of mutatation that caused the growth of his muscles is similar to the one used by farmers to breed very huge and muscular cattle.
Doctors decided to study his body in order to help those people with muscle dystrophy and provide the drug to athletes who wish to use it as steroids to bulk up their muscles.
When he was only 4 years old, he could surprisingly lift weights 6 times as much as a kid averagely his age.
At 5 years old, he could in each hand, lift 7lbs with both arms entirely outstretched; something that has proved difficult even for adults.

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About Das Uberboy

Doctors still continue to monitor his body for relevant changes and any additional information.
The boy is healthy and leading a normal life. However, doctors fear that he might suffer health problems like heart conditions in future.
Doctors believe that a cure for muscular dystrophy will be found with the help of studying Das Uberboy’s body system.
He has been featured showcasing his enormous strength which amazes people all over the world.

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Genetic Or Learned

Das Uberboy was born with a genetic disorder that has been proved by doctors to eliminate the genes that limit muscle growth.

Names Known By

  • Muscle kid
  • Super child


Featured In

  • The Washington Post
  • NBC news
  • Real Life Super humans
  • New England Journal of Medicine