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Dashrath Manjhi – The Mountain Man

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Dashrath Manjhi is the mountain man of India from Bihar who curved path through a mountain for period of 22 years which cliamed her wife Falguni Devi's life
Dashrath Manjhi

Who is Dashrath Manjhi?

Dashrath Manjhi is the mountain man of India from Bihar who curved path through a mountain for period of 22 years which cliamed her wife Falguni Devi's life.

Where was Dashrath Manjhi Born?

Dashrath Manjhi was born in 1934 in Gehlaur, Bilhar, India.

Early Life

When dasrath manjhi was still young, he ran away from home and went to work at a coal mine in Dhanbad. Life was difficult since he had to endure the poor living conditions but he however did not give up.
Much later on, Dasrath Manjhi went back to his home village. A couple of years had passed and at that time he was already old enough to marry.
Dasrath Manjhi went ahead and married a girl by the name Falguni Devi from his village and continued working at the coal mine.
One day, as he was working at the coal mine, his wife decided to bring him some lunch. She had to cross the Gehlour Hill in order to get to him. As she was crossing the hill, she slipped and fell injuring herself very badly. The injuries were so severe that they led to her death.
The death of Manjhi’s wife Falguni Devi really affected him emotionally on the very night of her death; he decided to curve a path through the same Gehlour Hill that his wife had passed through in order for other villagers to have easier access through even when there is an urgent need for medical attention.
Even though a lot of people criticized his idea, Dashrath did not let it get to him. He was very determined to do this and nothing was going to neither stop him nor change his mind.

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About Dashrath Manjhi

Dashrath Manjhi curved a path through the Gehlour Hill that was 110 meters long, 7 meters deep and 9 meters wide in order to create space for the road. While curving a path at the hill, many people who observed him thought that he was crazy but this only gave him more encouragement to continue.
It took him a whole 22 years to complete this work. By doing this, he made life for people there much easier and also became very popular by the name “man who moved a mountain”.
A lot of people teased him for doing this but there were those who helped him by giving him tools and food.
Later on, Dashrath Manjhi suffered from cancer of the gall bladder which led to his death. The government of Bilhar gave him a deserving state funeral. They also suggested his name for the Padma Shree award which was done in December 2016.
The story of Dashrath Manjhi has been coverted into a bollywood movie by the name “Manjhi The Mountain Man”. The full movie can be found online and its worth watching it. Manjhi demonstrates his superhuman ability of strong will and determination to go on and on which literally took him 22 long years to curve the path. We have a similar superhuman who can go on and on without getting tired and he is Dean Karnazes, the superhuman who can run forever.

Genetic Or Learned

Dashrath Manjhi was inspired to curve a path through Gehlour Hill after his wife slipped and died trying to cross it.

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Names Known By

  • Manjhi The Mountain Man
  • Man Who Moved a Mountain
  • Mountain Man Of Bihar

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