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Dickson Oppong – The Human Hydrant

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Dickson Oppong
Dickson Oppong


Dickson Oppong drinks 4-5 litres of water and then pumps it all back out of his mouth.


Dickson Oppong was born in Ghana, Africa in 1967.

Early Life

Dickson Oppong grew up in Ghana in a family that was involved in the performing arts. From an early age Dickson was performing his ability in market squares which is where he was noticed and gained international attention.

About Dickson Oppong

Dickson Oppong currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa He performs all over the world and can be booked for performances via bookings@circusagency.com.

Genetic Or Learned

The average human cannot drink more than 1 litre of water at a time without fainting, being sick or even dying as the kidneys cannot flush out more than that. Dickson’s ability to drink 4-5 litres of water at a time and then spit it out must be genetic.

Guinness World Records

On 06 December 2012 in Beijing China, Dickson Oppong set the record for spraying water from his mouth in a continuous stream for 32.65 seconds.

Names Known By

  • Waterman
  • The Human Hydrant

Dickson Oppong Youtube Videos

TV Series Featured In

  • Das Supertalent (2010)
  • Unglaublich! (2007)
  • Stan Lee’s Superhumans (2012)

Documentary Featured In

  • Back to Africa (2008)

Movie Featured In

  • Movie: Afrika ! Africa ! (2014)
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