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Love SuperhumansEncyclopedia? Thank you for spending your precious time by visiting my website. It has taken huge continuous hours of efforts in turning this website into reality. But since all the content is freely available, all of these time and effort does not generate any revenue. Also as I’m not a very privileged person, so earning revenue matters to me for keeping my lights on and keep me motivated to do the work I love.

So, if you enjoy this website and understand the huge effort I put into this, please consider donating some amount (no matter how small) for keeping alive the development of this website.

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Patreon is on online platform that exists as a new way for you to become one of SuperhumansEncyclopedia’s patrons. Patreon exists to help creators get paid, so they can continue to create more amazing things — things that inspire us, teach us, and challenge us.

Patronage, of course, is a really old idea. If it weren’t for patrons, we might not have had Mozart, Shakespeare, or Leonardo da Vinci. They all had patrons!

Patrons set a monthly subscription-style payment for the level of support they want to give. This creates a sustainable income, allowing me to maintain the website and bring new inspiring Superhumans. Patreon explains in this short video:

Check Out my New Patreon Page and learn more about this new way to donate to SuperhumansEncyclopedia. Your patronage will certainly be rewarded, and your pledges are tax-deducible!

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