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Dorothy de Low – The Oldest Table Tennis Player

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Dorothy De Low
Dorothy De Low


Dorothy de Low was considered the oldest table tennis player in the world during her time. She played for Australia.


Dorothy de Low was born as Dorothy Mary Trigg on 5th October 1910 in Wembley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Early Life

When Dorothy de Low was two years old, her family moved from England and went to live in Australia.
Dorothy’s family was made up of her father, mother, two sisters and three brothers. They also lived with their aunt who was her father’s sister.
She went to Fairfield High School in New South Wales, Australia.
After high school, she proceeded to Fairfield University in New South Wales, Australia.
Dorothy de Low got married in 1933 to Albert and afterwards gave birth to two children; one boy and one girl.
Later on, she worked as a process worker at the Bradford Cotton Mill.
Unfortunately, years later, Dorothy’s husband and daughter died.
She then moved to Hurstville City.

About Dorothy de Low

Dorothy de Low only began playing table tennis when she was 50 years old.
From 1990, she participated in all the senior world table tennis championships.
In 1992, when she was 82 years old, Dorothy became a senior citizen since she fell under the ‘above 80 years’ age bracket. It was in the same year that she won the Senior World Championship.
Dorothy regularly went to New Zealand every Easter to play the table tennis nationals.
In 2010, she was almost 100 years old but won a double competition match.
De Low became very popular around the world at that time and a lot of people wondered how she managed to keep up the pace despite her old age.
She carried her own luggage despite her age and petite body. She said the table tennis had made her fit enough, which was very evident.
Many people including family and relatives attested that Dorothy de low had a very distinct and wonderful sense of humor.
Dorothy de low died on 24th January 2014 at the age of 104.

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Genetic Or Learned

Dorothy de Low was not born playing table tennis. She only started playing when she was 50 years old. With a lot of training, balanced diet, focus and determination, she was able to stay fit and play to her last years.

Guinness World Records

In 2000, Dorothy de Low made an entry to the Guinness Book of Records; she was the oldest volunteer at the Summer Olympics.
In 2008, when she represented Australia at the World Veterans Table Tennis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; she was awarded the oldest table tennis player.

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