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Eskil Ronningsbakken – The Fearless Superhuman

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Eskil Ronningsbakken
Eskil Ronningsbakken


Eskil Ronningsbakken is a death-defying extremist with the ability to perform acts of balance at the top of cliffs and canyons.


He was born on 24th June 1979 in, Stange, Norway.

Early Life

Eskil Ronningsbakken is the youngest of three children in his family. At the age of five, he spent most of his time climbing trees and playing on rooftops in the Norwegian countryside.
Growing up, he was inspired by footage of Indian Yogi balancing he saw on television and from then on he decided to devote himself to this kind of art.
He enrolled at a German Arts School, Staatliche Artistenschule in Berlin where he further practiced on balancing performance.
He joined the circus at 12 and later improved his craft under the training of Moscow State Circus trainer Peter Jakob.
He has visited the slums of Nairobi in the hopes of inspiring life-long confidence among the youth by teaching them acrobatic stunts.

About Eskil Ronningsbakken

One of Eskil Ronningsbakken’s biggest strengths is the ability to recognize nervousness as an opportunity to wow members of his audience. He admits to being afraid at times before performing but without this element then his performance would not be as exciting.
His feats include tightrope walking between two hot air balloons in flight. Eskil says that he is never terrified by death even when he dangles dangerously in the air.
He performed in front of an audience in Preikestolen by balancing perfectly on a 600m Fjord.
He once did a headstand on a pile of chairs balanced on a rock wedged in a device between two cliffs that were 3500 feet tall.
Ronningsbakken says that he practices yoga, meditation and different breathing techniques in order to stay focused at all times and prepares very extensively for each and every act.
His extreme death defying antics have seen him ride a bicycle 1000 feet above the air.
Despite all these achievements, Eskil says that he is not done yet. He is looking to perform a one handed headstand at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai- the tallest man made structure ever built.

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Genetic Or Learned

Just like superheroes, fearless men are not born, they are made. Eskil says that it took him a lot of courage and years to master both physical and mental balance with the help of yoga and meditation in order to perform his dare devil acts.


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Names Known By

Fearless superhuman
World class extremist

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“World class extremist” on BBC news
Eskil Ronningsbakken; the man who balances on a tight rope between cliffs and jaw dropping canyons broadcasted on Canadian Discovery Channel.

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Ripley’s believe it or not – planet eccentric