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Fiona Gameson – The Bat-Woman

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Fiona Gameson
Fiona Gameson


Fiona Gameson, despite being blind, has the ability to move freely around objects without any help.

Early Life

Fiona was born in New Zealand but she has spent most of her life in the UK.
She was born healthy but however developed a rare kind of cancer known as Retinoblastoma which resulted to her losing one eye at the age of 18 months. A year later, she also lost the other eye.
At a very young age, Fiona taught herself the skill of echolocation which turned out to be very useful later on in her life.
During her childhood, Fiona says that her mother was usually very strict with her but it was all to her benefit. She instilled ideals and desirable mannerisms which have made her the proud and independent woman she is today.

About Fiona Gameson

Fiona Gameson does not let her blindness define her. She has rather approached with a lot of confidence that most able bodied persons would not.
She taught herself at a very young age to use sound to find her way around her home and the surrounding environment.
She echo locates by using her tongue to make tick-ticking sounds. She pulls her tongue from the roof of her mouth to make a sharp tick sound and listens carefully to the echoes that bounce off the objects that surround her path but tends to do it quietly.
Fiona is able to find her way around her house freely just like any normal human being.
She however does not use echolocation all the time since it’s not useful in noisy and crowded places but it comes in handy when going to unfamiliar places. For example, she can use the air movement to discover where the door is to get out.
Fiona Gameson felt that she needed to come out to the public for people to get a sense of what it is like to be her and believe in her superpower; give them a bit more insight.
Currently, Fiona lectures about her unique and special ability. She also features in the Nature Website Audio file where she demonstrates the clicking noise she uses in order to make people understand exactly how she is able to find her way around using this unique ability.

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Genetic Or Learned

Echolocation is an ability possessed mostly by bats. Fiona Gameson taught herself the skill of echolocation by herself. She learnt to perceive this sounds own her own.

Names Known By


Featured In

Nature news- The woman who sees like a bat.
Sound science – Nature Podcast.

Books Published

Images of Medieval Sanctity.
The Study of Bayeux Tapestry.