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Franky Zapata – The Iron Man

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Franky Zapata
Franky Zapata


Franky has amazing abilities to construct fly boards and hover boards and proving their workability by flying and riding them himself. He has made amazing inventions and also broken world records.

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Franky Zapata was born on 27th September 1978 in Marseille.

Early Life

Franky Zapata is a French national.
Not much is known about his early life.
Growing up, he developed an interest for water sports.
When he was 16, he began to participate in professional jet skiing competitions.
He won a lot of special awards in his career of jet skiing.
Franky Zapata later became the CEO of Fly Board Company Zapata Racing.

About Franky Zapata

In 2011, Franky Zapata launched the water-based fly board which was believed to be the world’s first water-propelled hover board. This particular one propelled someone using a strong stream of water; water is forced under a lot of pressure which provides thrust for the particular rider to fly up to 15 meters in the air.
The Institut de la Propriété Industrielle granted him a patent for this invention.
The fly board presented for the first time to the public in China at the Jet Ski World Championship which was held in 2012.
There was also a Fly Board World Championship in 2012 at Doha in Qatar.
In 2014, he came up with a hover board which was a land based scooter-like device which was purchased by a lot of celebrities and kids.
In April 2016, Franky Zapata created a fly board. Unlike the waster-based one, this one rose in the air unassisted to a height of around 165 feet on its first launch.
He attempted to break the record for the longest jet-propelled flight and managed to do it successfully by going 2252 meters in the air.
One time, he miscalculated how the wind would affect the fly board’s power consumption; strong winds led to more fuel consumption which left him in a very dangerous position up in the air. The fly board eventually lost power and before landing, he spans around in the air like a torpedo hence earned the name ‘human torpedo’ and later on a water mass. He was not injured but it cost him a lot of money to repair the fly board electrical system.
He was also hosted on Stan Lee’s Super humans where he performed with the water-based fly board where he was compared to a dolphin.

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Genetic Or Learned

I believe that Franky Zapata was born with the unique ability to create these amazing machines that amaze a lot of people.

Guinness World Records

Franky Zapata broke the record for the longest jet-propelled flight in 2016 by going 2252 meters in the air.

Names Known By

Iron man
The human torpedo
The human dolphin

Official Website

Featured In

Stan Lee’s Super humans
America’s got talent


Books Published

50 Adventures to Do before You Die
Bon Voyage