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Gino Martino – The Human Anvil / Hammerhead

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Gino Martino
Gino Martino


Gino Martino possess superb ability of breaking heavy objects over his head.


Gino Martino (John Ferraro real name) was born on 28th November, 1970 in Rivere, Massachusetts, United States.

Early Life

Gino Martino was a professional wrestler before he realized his strengths.
He has held many Championship titles and brass Knuckle titles in his career.
He realised about his ability during childhood when he knocked his head on oak door upon having an argument with his younger brother.

Strongman Demonstrations Over His Head

Bending Steel bars
Breaking iron bars
snapping a Louisville slugger in half
breaking concrete cinder blocks
dropping bowling balls from height.

Genetic Or Learned

In 2010, Upon being featured on Stan Lee's superhumans his skull was studied by Harvard Medical School through a MRI scan.
Studies revealed that Gino Martino's skull is 16 mm thick, which is around 2.3 times more thick than an average human.
Scientists also reveal that his skull is one of the thickest skull that is ever being X-rayed.

Featured In

New wave wrestling
wow magazine
pro wrestling illustrated
wrestle america
Stan Lee's Superhumans
Beyond Pain (A Strongman documentary by James W Kent)

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Guinness World Records

Breaking 45 concrete slabs over his head using 16 lbs bowling balls dropped from over 10 feet.


Names Known By

Muscles Martino
Millennium killa
The golden Gorilla
John Ferraro
The human anvil
The extreme strongman
Master of the headbutt
The Man with the hardest skull in professional wrestling
The Man with the hardest skull on the planet.

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