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Grand Master Zhou Ting-Jue – The Man Who Can Generate Heat from His Hands

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Master Zhou Ting Jue
Master Zhou Ting Jue


Grand Master Zhou Ting-Jue is the master healer of Qigong which is a healing energy practice derived from China, using bodily techniques to strengthen and utilize the life energy (Qi.)
Master Zhou is able to generate heat from his palms reaching 202 degrees Fahrenheit, to the energy flow of Qi.
He has the ability to stand on a single sheet of paper without falling through.


Zhou Ting-Jue was born in 1934 in mainland China.

Early Life

He is 18th Generation Wu Dang Lineage and known in his birthplace of China as, “Jewel of the Nation.”
At seven years old, he began practicing Kung Fu from his grandfather.
At age 16, he began to learn traditional Chinese medical theory, martial arts and the secrets of Qigong under the wing of his uncle, a Taoist priest.
He delved into advanced studies, isolating himself at the temple of his uncle’s sect, Wu Dang Mountain where he became fully disciplined in Qigong and developed a true understanding of its meaning and potentials.
Many famous Qigong masters served as his mentors through this time.
He eventually took all he learned and created his own school of Qigong.

About Zhou Ting-Jue

Before moving to the United States, where he now lives in Los Angels at age 79, he traveled through China, healing patients, teaching Qigong and displaying his world class martial arts techniques.
His gift has healed thousands of people across the globe, and has been proven by medical and scientific research.
No one has been able to explain how exactly he is able to generate intense levels of heat from his hands or stand on a single sheet of paper.
Zhou Ting-Jue is the winner of an extensive amount of Chinese and International Martial Arts Competitions.
He has been featured on many television programs in recognition of his amazing skills.
Zhou Ting-Jue has over 70 years of practice in Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Ji, Xingyi, Baguazhang, Broadsword, Cudgel, Sword, Nei Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine.
He has mastered and created hundred of forms of practices, including his own school of Qigong, Tian Due Qigong.
He is recognized by the California Secretary of State for Outstanding Service to Humanity.
Master Zhou won, “International Southern California Hai Hua Cup Martial Arts Tournament” for two consecutive years while being over the age of 60.
He has given healing treatments to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the LA Lakers, Olympians, spiritual masters, artists, celebrities and dignitaries, and many more.

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Genetic Or Learned

Qigong can be learned and practiced by anyone, at any age.
Master Zhou’s personal system of Qigong, Tian Due Qigong, meaning, “Heaven and Earth,” is taught by Master Zhou himself at his school in Los Angeles.
Although it took Master Zhou 70 years to achieve the superhuman powers he possesses today, there are ways people can practice and master the art themselves or with the help of a Qigong master.
Qigong in principle, is practiced breathing techniques (Buddha’s Breath or Daoist’s Breath) which energize your body and mind.
Once an individual learns the breathing techniques, it allows the body to release tired Gi and replace it with fortified Qi.
After the individual , an individual may begin practicing a series of body movements which help to build awareness and longevity of Qi which flows inside all of us.

Names Known By

  • Jewel of the Nation
  • Treasure of the Nation
  • The Healer's Healer

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