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Irene O’Shea – World’s Oldest Female Skydiver

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Irene O'Shea
Irene O’Shea


Irene O’Shea became the worlds oldest female skydiver when she jumped from a plane at 101 years old.


Irene O’Shea was born on 30 May 1916 in England.

Early Life

Irene moved to Australia in 1974. At 84 she went on a tour of Russia Germany, France and Finland – all on her own – and in 94 for her first ride on a Harley Davidson.
She lost her husband in 1953 and has seen much of her family pass away, but she knows she just has to go on and get the most out of her life.
She celebrated her 101st birthday by going ice-skating!

About Irene O’Shea

Irene O’Shea did her first jump at the age of 100 in honour of her daughter who died from Motor Neurone disease in 2008 at the age of 67. Both if Irene’s jumps were to raise funds for research into the disease and hopefully go towards finding a cure.
Irene was the great-grandmother of 11 children at the time of her jump. She did her second jump at 101 years and 110 days of age, placing her in the world records.
According to her tandem skydiver, Irene was not at all nervous, in fact he believes she was calmer than most his students. Irene still lives in the same house she did when she moved to Australia, on her own and still can drive without glasses.

Genetic Or Learned

Genetic – Irene was born with a sense of an adventure.

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Irene O’Shea Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • ”You Can’t Ask That” – Series on ABC