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Jesus Aceves – The Wolf Boy

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Jesus Aceves
Jesus Aceves


Jesus Aceves suffers from a rare condition called hypertrichosis, which results in his whole face being covered in hair.


Jesus Aceves was born in Loreto, Zacatecas, Mexico in 1974.

Early Life

Jesus was born with the condition called hypertrichosis, and is the second member of the family to have it.
He and his family members who were also affected by the condition had a rough time facing harassment and discrimination in society.
Jesus and the rest of his hairy family weren't accepted by the local community in Loreto.
Life was difficult and complicated for him and his cousins since it was hard for them to fit in with the rest of the children at school – they were always made fun of and avoided by the “normal” children.
At the age of thirteen, he and two of his cousins started working at a circus, as they were given an offer of a house and high pay.

About Jesus Aceves

Despite all of the difficulties he faced throughout his life, he accepts himself the way he is and he tells other people: “God made me this way.”
Jesus was exhibited as a freak from the circus, so he couldn't go out on the street and live a normal life like the rest of the people.
During a certain period of his life, Jesus started drinking a lot of alcohol, with which he was destroying himself, but eventually he got through that phase and continued performing in circuses all around the world.
He and most of his family live in two houses next to each other. Because of all the prejudices people have had towards the family, nobody would rent them a house, so they live in the house that was given to them by the circus owner.
Jesus now has three daughters which all carry the same condition as him.
Filmmaker Eva Aridjis who was the director of a documentary made about Jesus and his family called “Chuy, The Wolf Man” (original in Mexican: “Chuy, El hombre lobo”) says that it is much harder to be a woman with a condition as such, since it is less socially acceptable for women to have hair on their bodies.
The self esteem of Jesus grew stronger as he grew older, wiser and with much more experience, but that does not mean that he still doesn't face discrimination and harassment. In fact, he claims that he still feels contradictry feelings of shame and pride in his condition and being the way he is.

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Genetic Or Learned

Jesus suffers from hypertrichosis, a syndrome which results in abnormal hairgrowth. Some people may refer to this syndrome as the wolf or werewolf syndrome.
Given his condition, in this case we have a genetic superhuman.

Guinness World Records

  • Largest hairy family

Names Known By

  • The Wolf Boy


Featured In

  • Chuy, The Wolf Man (original in Mexican: Chuy, El hombre lobo)
  • It's Not Easy Being a Wolf Boy, BBC
  • Human Mutants, BBC
  • The Maury Show
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not!