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Jim Dreyer – The Shark

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Jim Dreyer
Jim Dreyer


Jim Dreyer is an ultra-marathon athlete; he does swimming (majorly), running and cycling feats.


Jim Dreyer was born on 16th August 1963 in Michigan, United States.

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Early Life

Jim Dreyer could not swim when he was a child unlike most athletes; in fact, he barely survived a near-drowning one time.
He eventually learned how to swim when he was thirty-two years old.
He continuously pushed himself onto the next level and decided to progress into a career with these feats.
In 1998, he officially began his career and set out to break records. In the same year, he broke a record by swimming Lake Michigan covering 65 miles.
In 1999, he broke another world record by swimming Lake Huron covering 42 miles.
He however still experiences phobias even in adulthood; every time he attempts to break a record, he experiences deep water fears.

About Jim Dreyer

In 2000, Jim Dreyer felt he was not satisfied with just swimming. He decided to venture into other endurance and strength feats like biking and running.
In the same year, he swam Lake Ontario covering 56 miles after running 26.2 miles and biking 130 miles.
In 2003, he swam the entire Lake Michigan while pulling his supplies weight with his ankles.
In 2005, he swam Lake Superior covering 60 miles continuously and self-sufficiently going all the way to Canada at the same time pulling a 250 pounds in supplies from his own waist.
Jim Dreyer also swam across Lake St. Clair with 0.5 tons of bricks unaccompanied, covering 22 miles.
With his super strength and swimming abilities, he was able to break more world records.
Despite the danger, Jim Dreyer continues to face his fears and break world records.
In 2015, at the Pfeifer Lincoln Murdick’s Fudge Run, he pulled a barge carrying a Pfeifer Lincoln MKC all the way to Mackinac Island.

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Genetic Or Learned

Growing up, Jim Dreyer did not know how to swim. Many doctors have considered his abilities physically impossible. He learned how to swim at 32 years and works out a lot in order to keep fit. He admits to getting scared before performing any of his acts but also implements a lot of courage and persistence.

Guinness World Records

In 1998, Jim Dreyer swam Lake Michigan covering 65 miles.
In 1999, he swam Lake Huron covering 59 miles.
He covered 59 miles in 2005 when he swam Lake Superior.
In 2000, he covered 30 miles when he swam Lake Erie. In the same year, he swam Lake Ontario covering 56 miles.
In 2003, he broke another world record by swimming Lake Michigan full length covering 422 miles.

Names Known By

Ultra Marathon Athlete
The Shark

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