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John Evans
John Evans


John Evans has a very strong neck that enables him to carry very heavy objects on top of his head.


John Evans was born in 1947 in Ilkeston, United Kingdom.

Early Life

John Evans balances immense weights on his head with the help of his very strong neck.
He does this as a career and to raise funds; not just for fun and amusement.
He has been featured severally on the Guinness World Book of Records and TV shows.
He is diabetic and does not visit the gym quite often; he instead puts a lot more effort on psychological preparation before weight lifting.

About John Evans

Despite the fact that he has only one eye, John Evans does not let this prevent him from doing what he does best.
In his entire career, he has been able to raise more than £200,000 for charity in a span of around 20 years.
Most of the time, the money he raises is for the Derbyshire Association for the Blind.
On November 4th 1997, he balanced a Chevrolet weighing 350 lb on his head for 12 seconds at the Master Locksmith Pub in Derby.
In 1999, he was featured on the Guinness World Book of Records for balancing a Mini Cooper that weighed 159.6 kgs on his head.
In 2007, he balanced two bunk beds on his head which were both 12 feet high for the BBC Children In Need. This was one of his greatest achievements in his career.
Apart from that, John Evans also balanced a freezer weighing 140kg on his head for 13 seconds. This feat was featured on Starking; a South Korean Television Show.
He balanced a Nissan on his head at the Great World City Shopping Center in Singapore.
He is very confident that he has appeared on a lot more television shows that anyone else who does weight lifting.
Before performing any act, John Evans admits that he gets nervous with a massive adrenaline rush once he gets thinking that with just a slight change in balance, he could easily die.
He however has to stay very calm with all the consequences involved. Once he releases the air in his body, the weight becomes as light a feather.
He agrees that what he does is very strange but he loves it. His family members however have neither been very enthusiastic nor supportive of what he does; they have always felt a bit embarrassed.
He, from his own words says that he believes he is the most featured world record holder in the Guinness World Book of Record holding 33 world records in 11 different categories.
His weight lifting has made him very popular around the world. He holds a lot of strength related Guinness World Records and has offered $3,315 to anyone who breaks any of them.

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Genetic Or Learned

John Evan's super strong neck enables him to lift gigantic weights. He also says that it takes a lot psychological preparation and calmness.

Guinness World Records

In 1997, John Evans balanced a 350lb Chevrolet on his head for 12 seconds.
In 1999, he balanced a 159.6 kilogram Mini Cooper on his head.
In 2007, he balanced 2 bunk beds that were both 12 feet high.

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