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Jokke Sommer – A Fearless Skydiver

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Jokke Sommer
Jokke Sommer


Jokke Sommer is said to be one of the best BASE jumpers the world


Jokke Sommer was born on 06 June 1986 in the Oslo in Norway.

Early Life

As a child Jokke Sommer did Motocross which sparked his love for adrenaline intense sports.
Jokke started Skydiving in 2007 when he was 21 years old. He was meant to go to Spain with a friend and instead they decided to do the Skydiving course. He has to sell his collection of dirt bikes in order to pay for the lessons.
In 2008 he went to America and completed 250 jumps in two months to gain experience.

About Jokke Sommer

More than 30 of Jokke’s friends have been killed doing base jumping and free-fall jumps, Jokke himself has twice narrowly escaped death.
In 2011 he started working with Redbull and became a professional athlete of extreme sport. Jokke quit his job as a graphic designer and became a kindergarten teacher so he would have more time off work to follow his dream. He is part of a NRK Assignments, a group that travel the world to test their boundaries.
Today he is sponsored by Red Bull, Skydive Dubai, GoPro, Xtreme Video, Electric, Phoenix-Fly and Mediaspark.

Genetic Or Learned

Jokke’s abilities are learned via training and courses but his daredevil gene and courage must be inborn.

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Featured In

  • TV Series: Liftoff (2016)
  • TV Series: Modern Explorers (2016)
  • TV Series: Ultimate Rush (2014)
  • TV Series: Golden Goal (2013)
  • TV Series: Lindmo (2013)
  • TV Series: Rude Tube (2011)
  • TV Series: Showman (2011)
  • TV Documentary : 60 Minutes Sports (2014)
  • TV Documentary : Outrageous Acts of Science (2012)
  • TV Documentary : Heaven’s Gate (2013)
  • TV Documentary : Sunshine Superman (2014)
  • Short Movie :Within Temptation: Dangerous (2013)
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Books Featued In

  • The Risk Factor – Deborah Perry Piscione (2014)
  • Confessions of an idiot: the Colourful Tale of a Life in Freewill – Chris McDougall (2009)
  • Bird Dream: Adventures at the Extremes of Human Flight Matt Higgins (2014)
  • Base 66 – Jevto Dedijer (2014)
  • Learning to fly – Steph Davis (2013)
  • Confessions of an idiot: the Colourful Tale of a Life in Freewill – Chris McDougall (2009)
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