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Ken Walters – Artistic Savant

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Ken Walters
Ken Walters


Ken Walters is an artistic savant. He gained an amazing ability to draw after he had a stroke as a result of an accident he was involved in.

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Ken Walters was born on November 11th 1933 in Fresco, California.

Early Life

Growing up, Ken Walters became a baseball player.
In 1952, when he was 19, he was signed by Detroit Tigers as a dilettante free agent. In the same year, he began his minor league career as a baseball outfielder. In that season, he hit 3 home runs and 32 doubles in 125 games.
In 1953, he played for the Jamestown Falcons and hit 13 homeruns in 122 games.
In 1957, he was signed by Birmingham Barons and in 138 games, he hit 17 homeruns.
In 1958, Ken Walters played for Charleston Senators and made 8 homeruns in 123 games.
In 1959, he moved to Fort Worth Cats and made 21 homeruns in 152 games. In the same year, he was trade to the Phillies on the 5th of December.
In 1960, on 12th April, while still playing for Phillies, he hit 8 homeruns in 124 games during that season.
Later on in 1962, Ken Walters was purchased by Cincinnati on the 9th of February. In the entire season, he made 22 homeruns, 43 doubles and 6 triples in 152 games.
In 1963, on the 29th of September, he played his final big league game. He however continued to play minor league for the next two years and hit 16 homeruns in the first season and 9 homeruns in the next.

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About Ken Walters

Ken Walters also worked as an engineer.
Later on, he had an accident; he was at a farm working when a fork lift went out of control and crushed him against the wall. He thereafter suffered horrific body injuries including spine fractures.
After this accident, Ken Walters could not walk again. His treatment and medication also cost a lot of money.
In 2005, his was under a lot of stress which led to another 2 strokes that totally transformed him.
Ken Walters had never had any interests in drawing before but while in hospital, he began to take some interest; he would scribble on the writing pad he had been given to communicate with other people.
His doctor explained that after a stroke sometimes, new talents and skills can be uncovered as a result of the brain rewiring paths. Some of these abilities are however temporary at times.
When Ken Walters was discharged from hospital, he began doing digital art works on his computer. His art work was so amazing that it made him very popular. A lot of companies began to purchase his art works.
Ken Walters died on 26th January 2010 in San Ramon, California.

Genetic Or Learned

Doctors studies revealed that Ken Walters gained his drawing abilities after the strokes he suffered when he was involved in an accident.

Names Known By

The artistic savant


Featured In

Contra Costa Times

Books Published

Rheology: A Historical Perspective
Computational Rheology