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Kevin Fast – World’s Strongest Priest

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Kevin Fast
Kevin Fast


Kevin fast has super strength that enables him to pull heavy things like trucks, people and even once, a plane.


Kevin Fast was born on 13th April 1963 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

Early Life

Kevin Fast became serious about picking dumbbells when he was only 12 years and from then on, he never stopped training.
In 1982, he studied a diploma in North Park Collegiate in Brantford, Ontario.
He went ahead and studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in Maldives in 1992.
Much later in 2002, he proceeded to study a Master’s Degree in Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Fort Wayne.

About Kevin Fast

In 1994, Kevin Fast joined power lifting competition. He competed at the Heavy Events as an amateur competitor.
In 1996, he progressed and competed at the Heavy Events professional category and achieved the ‘Strong Man’ category which was a very prestigious category.
In the same year, he participated as a Games Organizer.
He has competed in USA, Canada, Norway and Scotland.
He set to break World Records one after another. His first record to break was in 1998 for the heaviest truck pulled over 100 feet.
In 2009, he pulled the heaviest plane; ‘The Globemaster’, a plane that was used by the military to transport tanks, trucks and even small planes.
Kevin Fast says that he pulls trucks to raise money for charity. An example is the Pull for Kids; lung association raising money for kids with asthma.
He is not only strong but also has a great character and amazing focus that enables him to push himself beyond the limits that most normal human bodies can achieve.
When Kevin Fast is not busy breaking records, he spends time with his wife and kids.
He also continues with his routine as a priest and has a very large congregation.

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Genetic Or Learned

Kevin says in his own words that he gets his exceptional strength from God. Even at 54, he still goes on to perform strength feats and is not looking to stop anytime soon.

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Guinness World Records

In 1998, he broke the record for the heaviest truck pulled which was 16 tons for 100 feet.
In 2003, he pulled the heaviest truck which was 28 tons for 100 feet.
Kevin Fast pulled the heaviest plane in 2009; the plane was 208 tons.
In 2010, Kevin Fast broke the record for the heaviest house pulled which was 40 tons.
In 2011, he broke the Guinness World Record for the most people lifted with shoulders. He lifted 10 people.

Names Known By

World’s Strongest Priest

Featured In

TLC- World’s most awesome record breakers
Discovery Channel


Books Published

Muscle and Fitness
Sports Illustrated
ESPN the Magazine