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Kim Goodman – The Eye Popper

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Kim Goodman
Kim Goodman


Kim Goodman can pop out her eyes to an unbelievable 12 millimeters (0.47 inches).


Kim Goodman was born in Chicago, Illinois on 1976.

Early Life

Kim Goodman from Chicago didn't realized the gift she was blessed with until she witnessed an incident.
She discovered her bizarre ability when her eyes popped out while removing a Halloween mask.
After this she has mastered the skill to pop out her eyes on her command.

About Kim Goodman

Kim's ability to pop both of her eyes is no less than a miracle.
Before attaining Guinness World Record she attended an audition for David Letterman's show.
After being amazed by Kim's ability David featured her on his Late Show where she was introduced in an act “you will talk about this until the day you die” wherein she made the eye witnesses scream.
Kim's eyes were measured by an optometrist using a proptometer on 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey after which her name was included in Guinness Book Of World Records after taking an average of three readings to determine the final reading.

Learned Or Genetic

The scientific term used for Kim's ability is called “Proptosis”.
Speaking about Kim's eye popping ability, all I can say is it's a gift she has been blessed with.

Guinness Book Of World Record

Furthest Eyeball Protrusion.


Featured In

Top 10 feats of all time – 50th Anniversary Guinness World Record List.
Late Show With David Letterman Video Special 3.

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