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Lars Andersen – World’s Fastest Archer

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Fastness in any field or activity is always appreciable one in this fast moving world. It may be in-built capability or it could be gained by practice. Mainly when we consider sports field which involves competition, swiftness is highly valued and appreciated. Now let me tell you about an Archer whose speed is exhilarating. He is none other than Lars Andersen, the world’s fastest Archer who can shoot 3 arrows in 0.6 seconds.

Lars Andersen
Lars Andersen

Lars Anderson Superhuman Superpower

Lars Andersen is the fastest archer in the world who is capable of shooting arrows so fast. He is able to shoot while holding multiple arrows in his draw hand, while moving, jumping, close up, far away and hanging upside-down, by running on walls, by grabbing arrow mid-air & shooting it back and shooting an arrow with his foot. He can grab an arrow, turn around & split another with it and also has the ability to grab the arrow shot at him without looking by standing back facing to another archery, turns around, fires it at a stationary, upright arrow, which is split in two.


Lars Andersen was born on 8th November, 1964 in Denmark.

Early Life

Lars Andersen was graduated from School of Visual Art and he was privately taught by painter Otto Frello. He is basically an author and painter by profession. Some of his noncommercial art projects made him to be called as provocative artist.

About Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen is a Danish writer, story teller, provocative artist, painter and archer. His artistic works were exhibited in museums (The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle, Carl Nielsen Museum, Blicher Egnens Museum, Trapholt Museum), gallery solo & group exhibitions and juried exhibitions. The art works he has drawn was so provoking and they are kept in many main places. He was given scholarship – Theodor Alfred Christian Von Ingres-Bergh Artist Grant. He appeared in various TV shows as an Archery Consultant and Trainer.

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Andersen has written two books in Danish language on role playing about games and building which were published at Frydenlund Forlag. He is also writing a book on archery. He started to shoot with bow and arrows during LARP (live action role play) in large medieval battle in Denmark in the year 2003. LARP is a game in which a person adopts a character both physically and mentally to take up certain challenge which involves social interactions with other players. They will have costumes, equipment, instruments and weapons resembling the original ones.

He started to work on the archery skills along with his friend Peter Vorbeck which were very different from that of the modern slow stationary target archery. They shot with safe & soft-tipped arrows at moving living targets who sometimes in turn shot them and they also had fought in large armies and also against castles. While he was doing so, he learnt valuable lessons about ancient archery. Lars and Peter started practicing tricks like shooting incoming arrows with their own and moving fast while shooting.

Firstly, Lars Andersen learned the classic backquiver and secondly, he desired to learn the method to shoot very fast. He did not find modern archery techniques useful for him and so he tried learning from old traditional manuscripts. Foreign experts in historical archery helped him and he began to develop his own system. He started using ancient techniques preferred by Native American and Chinese archery experts with which arrows can be shot quickly when compared to the modern techniques. He used to say in media that shooting is his hobby.

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After lots of learning and practicing, Lars Andersen released videos of his archery techniques one in 2012 and another one 2015 which were watched by million viewers. His statement that he has re-invented ancient archery skills created debate among archers whether it is real or fake but Lars Andersen cleared it by releasing another video along with trick shots. Added to his other archery skills, Lars can shoot and hit his target while jumping up and down. His best archery stunt video recorded according to him was that when he shot his targets riding on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with his friend Ronnie Hansen.

Lars Andersen has told in an interview that he is good at turning objects inside his head in three dimensions which makes it easier for him to shoot a bow without having to use fixed points. He also told that he make use of combat archery techniques which combines speed with shooting ability. His interest on learning ancient archery techniques and continuous practice has enabled him to become the fastest archer in the world.

Genetic or Learned

Archery skills of Lars Andersen were learned which he developed with the interest towards it. He read many ancient books to learn about various historical archery skills.

Names known by

  • World’s fastest Archer

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Books Published

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