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Liam Hoekstra – The World’s Strongest Toddler

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Liam Hoekstra
Liam Hoekstra


Liam Hoekstra is popularly known as the world's strongest kid due to his super strength capabilities.


Liam Hoekstra was born in Roosevelt Park, Michigan September 1, 2005.

Early Life

Liam's biological Mother gave him up for an adoption as an infant, due to medical conditions he was suffering from.
Dana & Neil Hoekstra adopted Liam just after birth.
At only five-months-old Liam did an Iron Cross.
Before long Dana & Neil enrolled Liam in a gym class at Cassell Gymnastics & Dance. His parents were stunned.
As the other children struggle with chin-ups, Liam made look it like easy.
With his torso above the chin-up bar, he held the position for a few minutes, much to the classmates who must have been thinking “what does he eat for breakfast”.
Liam Hoekstra at the age of three had 40% body muscle and minimal fat.

About Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra was diagnosed with a rare genetic myostatin-related condition called Muscle Hypertrophy.He was diagnosed after several tests and check ups.
Muscle Hypertrophy is a condition where the body builds muscles faster than normal and inhibiting fat at same time.
And to make all you gym fanatics jellies, Liam can eat all the ice cream and KFC chicken wings without worrying about getting fat.
This kid has super strength and speed compared to other boys his age. Also, he is wired to excel in any muscle-related activity you put him in.
Literally, Liam Hoekstra can comfortably lift relatively heavy dumbbells, rapid sit-ups while hanging upside down or lift furniture around the house without as much as a deep breath.
Muscle mass grows rapidly without damage to the heart or any other side effects to his skeletal structure.
A dream we all have has come true for this child. Liam can set all day on the sofa watching Nickelodeon and munching on chips without getting fat and his body continues to grow naturally rapid. How great would that be?
As of 2016 Liam is playing hockey and enjoying life as an 11-year-old.
Other activities have included wrestling, fishing, and social media.

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Genetic Or Learned

Scientists discovered Liam's condition in the 1990's. Muscle Hypertrophy was found in an unusually muscular breed of Belgian Blue Cattle.
We may not be superheroes like Flash, The Hulk or even Superman, however, Liam's story is amazing and helps you to believe in the impossible.

Guinness World Records

  • His amazing strength placed him in the Guinness Book Of Records as “The World's Strongest Toddler”.

Names Known By

  • The World's Strongest Toddler

Official Page


Featured In

  • Documentary on TLC”The World's Strongest Toddler”
  • Japanese Documentary on “Rare Medical Conditions”

Books Published

  • Cengage Advantage Books: Biology: A Human Emphasis