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Liew Thow Lin – The Magnet Man

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Liew Thow Lin
Liew Thow Lin


Ability to stick metal objects around his body.


Liew Thow Lin was born on 1930 in Malaysia.

Early Life

Liew Thow Lin was a contractor by profession.
Somewhere near at the age of 60 in his life he was shocked by what he discovered.
While working he saw that his tools were sticking to his body upon then he realized that his skin has some special magnetic power.

About Liew Thow Lin

Liew Thow Lin also known as the Magent Man of China possess a special ability whereupon he is able to cling metal objects around his body.
He has shown his superpower demonstrations in many charity events.
As per his claims he is able to cling around 36 kgs of metal objects around his body.

Genetic Or Learned

In order to prove his claim Malaysia's University of Technology scientists examined his body.
The results baffled the scientists as they found no special magnetic field around his body.
Scientists concluded that Liew Thow Lin has a skin similar to a normal human being.
But along with this scientists also found high level of friction in his body which gives him a suction effect.
His ability to posses high friction is genetic and not something which can be learnt or mastered. Hence this magnetic power appears in 3 of his grandchildren.

Superpower Demonstrations

Clinging forks, spoons & knives on his chest.
Pulling a car.


Featured In

Discovery channel's One Step Beyond.

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Names Known By

Magnetic Man
Magnet Man
Mr. Magnet