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Ma Xiangang – The Electric Man

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Ma Xiangang
Ma Xiangang


Ma Xiangang is unaffected by direct contact with electricity

About Ma Xiangang

Ma is a seemingly normal man who lives in Daqing, China.
He wasn't aware of his gift and randomly discovered it when his TV went out. When he checked to see what had happened, he saw that a wire had been broken by the wind. Not thinking, he discovered his ability in engaging in the reckless act of connecting the two ends of the wire with his bare hands. Surprisingly, Ma felt no electricity and connected the broken wire effortlessly.
Later he realized that what had just happened is not something that happens every day, especially not to a normal human being with no abilities whatsoever, further asking himself why he had not been affected by the electricity.
When he touched electricity, contrary to what most people would feel, he didn't feel pain but actually felt quite energized.
Ever since this realization, he continued to learn controlling electricity.
As time passed, Ma developed a mental addiction to touching electricity.
He has the ability to hold electric wires and easily light a bulb.
With continuous training and upgrading his ability, he is now able to perform electrotherapy and massages for others.

Genetic Or Learned

The way people's bodies react to electricity depends on the type of skin they have: how dry and thick it is.
When Ma went through several tests in Haerbin Industry University's physics laboratory, the tests showed that he has a seven to eight times higher resistance to electricity than a normal person.
As many experts would claim, the secret to Ma's ability lies in his hands.
According to the experts who have analyzed his case, Ma's hands have very thick, rough and dry skin, which serves as a prevention to electricity entering his body.
With this we can conclude that this man's ability is genetic, even though with learning he was able to improve it.

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Names Known By

  • The Electric Man