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Michel Lotito – Monsieur Mangetout(“Mr Eat-All”)

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Michel Lotito
Michel Lotito


Ability to consume all indigestible objects (He even ate an aircraft in his lifetime).


Michel Lotito was born on June 15, 1950 in Grenoble, France.

Early Life

In his childhood days he used to amuse people by allowing his friends to brutalize him.
In his young age he suffered from a mental disorder PICA.
PICA is typically a eating disorder in which a person consumes non-digestible substances.
Michel Lotito started consuming everything from diet to metals.
Then he later realized that he was able to consume non-nutritive substances because of the thick lining of the stomach wall.
He then later decided to turn his bizarre ability into his  career.

About Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito is a French entertainer who possess bizarre ability to swallow any indigestible objects.
He has ate everything from computer to cycles and televisions.
The best meal he ever had in his lifetime is Cessna 150 aircraft which he managed to finish after 2 years from 1978-1980.
Before consuming any indigestible object he breaks them into pieces.
Then he uses oil for lubrication and plenty of water to pass objects down his throat.
He's been eating around 1 kg of metal each day from about 40 years and has consumed about 9 tons of metal till now.
As per Michel Lotito he follows a strict diet of herbs and fibers to keep his digestive system functioning in an efficient way.
He passed away on 25th June, 2007 due to some natural cause.

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Genetic Or Learned

Michel's bizarre ability of consuming indigestible objects is because of his mental disorder PICA and thick lining of his stomach wall.

Superpower Demonstrations

Michel Lotito has consumed following indigestible objects:
18 – bicycles
15 – shopping carts
12 – teaspoons
7 –  televisions
6 – chandelier
2 – beds
1 – Cessna 150 aircraft

Cessna 150 aircraft
Cessna 150 aircraft (Image credit: Wikimedia.org)

Guinness World Records

For eating a Cessna 150 aircraft.


Names Known By

Monsieur Mangetout(“Mr Eat-All”).