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Orlando Serrell – An Acquired Genius

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Orlando Serrell
Orlando Serrell


Orlando Serrell has a uncanny calendar-brain.


Orlando Serrell was born in 1968 in Newport News in Virginia.

Early Life

Orlando Serrell was a normal child with an average IQ and a love all sports, including baseball. On 17 August 1979, when Orlando was ten years old, he was hit on the head with a baseball. He never told his parents and never went to the doctor.
A while later he noticed he had an ability to recall and calculate dates that would be impossible for most people. Orlando attended Bethel High School in Virginia.

About Orlando Serell

Orlando Serrell can recall every day since the accident in detail, from what he was wearing, the weather and what day it was. Orlando still stays in his hometown of Newport News in Virginia.
In 2002, the University of Columbia did an MRI on Orlando and declared his a savant.

Genetic Or Learned

Neither – Orlando’s Calendar brain is a result of a baseball injury to the left side of his head and is not genetic or learned. It is believed we all have these abilities in us and they could be learned and developed.

Official website

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Books Featured In

  • Islands of Genius – Darold Treffert and Daniel Tammet (2011)
  • Shadows Bright as Glass – Amy Ellis Nutt 2011
  • Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behaviour – Mark A Gluck, Eduardo Mercado, Catherine E Meyers (2013)
  • Bouncing Forward: The Art and Science of Cultivating Resilience – Michaela Haas (2016)
  • Why Materialism is Baloney -Bernardo Kastrup (2014)
  • What a Paradise – Smita Kale (2014)
  • Don’t change a Thing – William Lowry (2014)
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