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Raj Mohan Nair – The Electric Man

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Raj Mohan Nair
Raj Mohan Nair


Raj Mohan can withstand several volts of electricity passing through his body without causing any kind of harm.


Raj Mohan Nair was born in Kollam, India.

Early Life

Raj Mohan was born and grew up in India.
When he was only 7 years old, Raj Mohan lost his mother. The death of his mother really affected him both emotionally and psychologically.
He felt so devastated and heartbroken that he wanted to commit suicide.
Raj Mohan made up his mind and one day, he climbed up a transformer intentionally grabbing the live wires but to his utter surprise, nothing actually happened. This was very unusual and not what he had expected.
It was from this day that he realized he had a special and rare gift inside him; at least he had a reason to live. He decided to use his newly discovered superpower to do much more amazing things and ended up capturing the attention of very many.
From then on, people from all over the world have always been shocked how a normal human being is able to withstand up to 10 amps of electrical current without literally being toast.
If any other person were to be exposed to this intensity of current flow, there would be 0% chance that he or she would survive; a lot of damage would be done and stop their heart immediately.

About Raj Mohan

Raj Mohan is able to withstand several amps of electricity passing through his body without any bodily harm at all.
However, during this kind of processes, Raj Mohan’s eyes become glazed over while these currents pass through his body thus becoming temporarily blind at that time.
It is said that Raj Mohan’s body is at least 10 times more resistant than that of the average normal human being.
One time, Raj Mohan wrapped naked live wires around his body and let electric currents flow from the main plug to metal plates and electric bulbs through his body.
He is able to light bulbs and power many other electronic devices like blenders by grabbing two wires and letting electricity flow through his body.
Even as he prepares chicken, he grabs a hot plate with his own bare hands.
Raj Mohan continues to shock people all around by this very rare and magnificent super power.

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Genetic Or Learned

Scientists round the world have proved that the anatomy of the normal human body does not carry such abilities and mechanism. There have been such few cases of people generating electric currents through their body but still proving to be a very mysterious surprise to the medical field.

Guinness World Records

Raj Mohan Nair was able to withstand over 500 watts of electricity through his body.

Names Known By

The Electric Man

Featured In

Superhuman Showdown
Stan Lee’s Super Humans


Books Published

Press in India