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Ron White – The Memory Expert

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Ron White
Ron White


Ron White is a mnemonist which means he is a memory expert. He uses 35% more of his brain than the average person while memorizing. He is a two-time national memory champion and one of the top memory experts in the world.

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Ron White was born in 1973 in Texas, United States.

Early Life

Ron White went to the University of North Texas but was kicked out of school with a 0.9 GPA – due to lack of attendance, not lack of memory.
At age 18, Ron attended a memory seminar which kickstarted his memory technique practices.
He worked for a memory company who taught him the memory system.
At age 19, he started his own company.
He joined the navy after 9/11 as a reservist.
After completion of his service in 2007, he traveled around Texas, teaching local businesses how a trained memory can increase business sales and profits.
in 2008, Ron entered his first Memory Competition, the USA Memory Championship. He came in 4th place.
In 2009 & 2010, he was awarded USA Memory Champion.
In 2009, he memorized a deck of cards in 1 minute, 27 seconds, setting a US record.

About Ron White

Ronnie White is a veteran for the US Navy who has personally trained his brain to remember an unbelievable amount of information.
Ron currently travels the world, visiting conferences and conventions, teaching people the benefits of a better memory for school and business.
He refers to himself as an average guy who likes baseball, country music and Texas.
Ron memoized more than 2,300 names of American soldiers who fell in Afghanistan and traveled the US, writing each name on a wall from memory, as tribute. It took Ron 10 months to memorize over 7,000 words.

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Genetic Or Learned

Ronnie uses the Mind Palace Technique to memorize. This technique can be learned by anyone. It is the practice of associating places in your brain with whatever is needed to be memorized. It’s the process of storing information in specific rooms based on mental imagery, in order to go back to those spaces in your brain to retrieve the data you want to remember. Ronnie claims to have practiced this technique which enables him to memorize large amounts of information.

Names Known By

  • Ronnie White
  • The Memory Expert

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