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Stig Severinsen – The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe

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Stig Severinsen
Stig Severinsen


Stig Severinsen can hold his breathe underwater for about incredible 22 minutes.


Stig Severinsen was born on 8th March 1973 in Aalborg, Denmark.

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Early Life

Stig Severinsen a danish freediver started to swim at a very small age of 6.
He started swimming in his parents pool and spent most of his time experimenting on how to hold breathe underwater.
Soon after that he mastered swimming and became four times in a row National Champion in swimming at the age of 9, 10, 11 and 12.
He also played underwater rugby and hockey under Danish national team.
Stig holds a Ph. D. in medicine along with degree in biology.
After that in 2010 he founded Breatheology, an online platform through which he teaches breath holding and mental training techniques using optimal health and performance.

About Stig Severinsen

Stig Severinsen from Denmark is the only one in the world with superhuman capabilities under water.
Stig holds several Guinness World Records and has been documented by Discovery channel.
For Stig it has always been to pushing his body beyond limits.
Stig's feats underwater make him a subject of study and according to him he uses his knowledge of physiology combined with yoga to achieve such superhuman abilities underwater.
The four time world champion sets a record for holding his underwater for around 22 long minutes.
The record dive was attempted at the Kattegat Aquarium at Grenaa, Denmark in a tank full of sharks after inhaling pure oxygen for about 10 minutes.
According to Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records the record attempt of Stig is difficult to attempt and break.
In order to achieve one more Guinness World Record he travelled to Greenland along with the Discovery team with him.
Stig wanted to dive somewhere where no one has ever dived before.
By doing this Stig became the only known person on earth to dive from 500 feet with 152.4 meters below more than one meter thick ice wearing nothing but only Speedo trunks in one of the most remote place on earth.
His world record attempt at Greenland would probably be the last as each attempt is done by risking his life.
After this Stig wants to focus only on his teaching career.

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Genetic Or Learned

An average human being like you and me have a lung capacity of around 5 to 6 litres, but Stig's lung capacity reaches to an impressive 14 litres.
With such extreme feats Stig has contributed to scientific research by allowing scientists to analyze his body under such extreme conditions.
While achieving these feats Stig has learnt to drop his heart rate to about 30 beats per minute which helps him to lower down his oxygen consumption.
Stig also uses calming techniques which he terms as “meditation under water” which involves recalling childhood memories.

Guinness World Records

Swimming 236 feet (72 meters) under ice with only swimming trunks and goggles.
Holding his breath for 20 mins & 10 secs at the Kattegat Centre in Grenaa in tank full of sharks.
Longest time breath held voluntarily (male) for holding his breathe 22 long minutes in a tank at the London School of Diving in -1 degree celsius water.
“longest swim underwater – breath held” 250 and 500 feet wearing only swimming trunks.

Featured In

The Ultimate Superhuman” on the Discovery Channel programme Superhuman Showdown.
Stig Severinsen: The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe documentary broadcasted on Discovery & Quest in UK.

Names Known By

The Man Who Doesn't Breathe

Books Published

Breatheology – The Art of Conscious Breathing.


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