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Sultan Kosen – The World’s Tallest Man

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Sultan kosen
Sultan kosen


Sultan Kosen is recognized as the world’s tallest living man. He is 8 feet 3 inches tall.


Sultan Kosen was born on 10th December 1982 in Mardin, Turkey.

Early Life

Sultan Kosen’s extra ordinary growth was as a result of a tumor which had affected his pituitary gland.
He did not start growing unusually tall until he was 10 years old.
He was not able to finish school as a result of his height which surprised a lot of people including his peers who did not treat him as a normal kid.
Since he did not complete his education, he chose to work as a part time farmer; something that he was very passionate about.

About Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen lives with his family; father, mother, three brothers and a sister, who are of the normal average height.
In order to walk properly, Sultan Kosen has to use crutches because of his tall stature.
He however appreciates his height and says that it comes in handy a couple of times especially when he is helping out his family in domestic chores.
He changes light bulbs and hangs curtains at home with a lot of ease.
He says that the problem comes in when he is trying to find clothes and shoes of his own size. He has to have them custom made since his legs alone are 126 cm long and his hands 97 cm long.
Kosen also finds it hard to fit inside a normal average-sized vehicle.
In 2010, Sultan Kosen was taken to the University of Virginia Medical School for his pituitary tumor to be treated. He was given a medication that would halt his growth hormones which were in excess.
A year later, the doctors confirmed that the treatment had taken effect by halting his growth.
In October 2013, Sultan Kosen married Merve Dibo from Syria who apparently only speaks Arabic. Communication is sometimes a problem despite him being way taller than she is.
On Guinness World Record Day in London, on 13th November 2014, Sultan Kosen met Chandra Bahadur Dangi; the worlds shortest man alive, for the very first time.
Later on, he joined the Magic Circus of Samoa and travels around the world taking part in very many shows.

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Genetic Or Learned

Sultan Kosen’s height was as a result of the tumor he had which affected his pituitary gland increasing his growth hormones.

Guinness World Records

In August 2009, he set a new record for a standing height of 246 centimeters.
In February 2011, Sultan Kosen broke his own record for having the longest arms which measured 28.5 centimeters.
Kosen also holds the record for the largest feet measuring 36.5 centimeters each.

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World’s Tallest Man

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