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Tim Cridland – The Torture King

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Tim Cridland
Tim Cridland


Zamora (real name Tim Cridland) doesn't feel pain at all while performing his death defying stunts.


Tim Cridland was born on December 29, 1963 in Pullman, Washington, USA.

Early Life

In his younger days Tim Cridland was fascinated by strange information throughout  his life.
He was drawn towards the mystics of the East's strange tales.
Where men would travel to the west and perform death defying stunts which would include injury, pain and even death.
Few of their strange acts also known as fakir acts involved swords, fire, burning coal, nails and so on.
As he was growing he mastered these painful stunts and initially used to open up for a punk-rock bands and used to eat fire before the performance of Henry Rollins who was a punk poet.

About Tim Cridland

Tim Cridland popular by his stage name Zamora – The Torture King is a world famous American sideshow performer.
He has mastered some unique techniques by using the knowledge of his Science & Anatomy, hypnosis, martial arts and teachings of the Middle-East allowing him to overcome dangerous situations without any pain.
He posses the ability to overcome all sorts of dangerous situations like electrification, fire eating, sharp swords and many more.
He's been featured on multiple television shows where he performs his death defying stunts as an entertainer.
He was dubbed as Zamora-The Torture King during Zamora's touring sideshow where he toured US and Canada.
He's currently in Las Vegas where he performs nationallly and internationally and appears annually on Knott's Berry Farms Halloween Haunt in Buena Park, California.

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Genetic Or Learned

Dr. Joshua Prager,  a director of center for Rehabilitation of Pain Syndromes in Los Angeles, California University was amazed by the death defying stunts of Tim Cridland.
Scientists are unable to explain how Zamora painlessly performs these death defying stunts.
Some scientists conclude that he might be one in many who has been born without pain.
According to Tim this is something which is not genetic and has been mastered by Tim by using his knowledge of hypnosis,  martial arts, Science & Anatomy along with the teachings of the Middle-East.


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