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Uri Geller – Man with Psychokinesis Power

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Do you know that human mind is the most powerful one in this world? Yeah, it is capable of thinking, reasoning, feeling, judging, memorizing and do many other things. Can it also be used to influence or control things? What do you think about it? Now we are going to see a person who has the psychic ability to move and bend objects with his mind power and without any physical interference. His name is Uri Geller and he has Psychokinesis power with which he has done many mind bending activities. Are you interested to know more about his mind power? Then continue reading…

Uri Geller
Uri Geller

Uri Geller Superhuman Superpower

Psychic Uri Geller is well known for his Psychokinesis and Paranormal power to bend spoons & keys and fix broken watches using his mind power. He also possesses super natural mind powers such as telepathy, dowsing, describing hidden drawings, detect oil & precious metals and causing seeds to germinate. What a great mind power isn’t it?


Uri Geller was born on 20th December, 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel to Itzhaak Geller and Manzy Freud.

Early life

Geller lived with his parents in Israel. His father is a Hungarian who was a retired army sergeant major and his mother is an Austrian. In the year 1949 when Geller was four years old, a ball of light struck him while he was wandering in the garden back to his house and a retired Israeli air force officer saw the incident. He came to know about his power at the age of 5 when a spoon rolled upon his hand and broke while he was casually having his meal with his parents.

His family shifted to Cyprus when he was eleven years old. So, Geller did his schooling and remained there till he was 17. At the age of eighteen, he returned to Israel and joined in the Paratroopers Brigade of Israel Army. He fought in the Six-Day War held in the year 1967 and got wounded. Then he worked as a photographic model from 1968 to 1969. He started to perform his super powers from the year 1969 in small nightclubs, theatres, public halls, auditoriums, military bases and universities. By 1970 started to appear in television shows.

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About Uri Geller

Uri Geller is a psychic, magician, illusionist, artist and author having psychokinesis, mind bending dowsing and telepathy powers. He was able to bend spoons and also do other things like starting & stopping watches, moving tables, growing seeds, detecting oil, precious metals & locating a huge offshore oil field for PEMEX which is a national oil company in Mexico etc.., with his mind power. He worked with Stanford Research Institute in the U.S.A, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency where he used his super natural mind powers and did extraordinary things. He addressed a group of US Senators and National Security Executives which was kept secret for many years as it was very confidential.

He has lectured to the directors and CEOs of large multinational companies, World Economic Forum 2004 at Davos, heads of Reuters in Jerusalem & Google Europe, United Nations for international delegates and 1500 Magicians at FISM Italy. He also has artistic skills which enabled him to create wonderful drawings, paintings and artworks. He has met many famous people and artists. Uri Geller has wrote many books and appeared in various television shows, movies & documentaries. He is a mind power coach to motivate many sports persons. He is also the founder of The Uri Geller Charitable Foundation.

Geller was married to Hanna Geller and they both are blessed with two children namely Natalie Geller and Daniel Geller. He received awards and honors such as the David Berglas International Magic Award (2008), Dunninger memorial award (2010), Golden Grolla award (2012), Star Foundation award (2012) and The Wizard Trophy (2015). He also received criticisms from some people mainly from James Randi who said that Geller has no psychic powers but just using magic tricks. They also proved it in many incidents. But still Uri Geller’s powers have also been proved by many others.

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Genetic or Learned

The psychic power that Uri Geller has was Genetic as he discovered that he had supernatural power at the age of 5. Later he developed the powers by exhibiting to others. His mother believed that it may be inherited from their distant relation Sigmund Freud who was a neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis (Investigation of unconscious mind). It was also believed that beam of light which had hit Geller when he was 3 years old may have activated his powers.

Names known by

  • Psychic Uri Geller
  • Yuri Geller
  • Yuri Gerâ

Official Website

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Books Published

  • My Story
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  • Mind Medicine
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