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Veronica Seider – The Human Telescope

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Veronica Seider
Veronica Seider


Veronica Seider has extraordinary eyesight that allows her to see at great distance no other average human can.


Veronica Seider was born in West Germany, 1951.

Early Life

Veronica Seider was an ordinary child like every other one, except she posessed an ability she wasn't aware she posessed.
She went to school and proceeded with her education at the Stuttgard University.

About Veronica Seider

Veronica's ability grabbed the public's attention when the Stuttgard University found out about her abiliity back in 1972.
It was found that her eyesight is 20 times better than the average person's eyesight.
Also Veronica claims that she also has the ability to see the constituent colors that television set color is made of.
We can compare her to a telescope because of the distance she can see to and also viewing the constituent colors of a TV.
Despite her amazing ability, she wanted to stay in the shadow as much as possible. The thing Veronica really wanted to do pursue her dream carreer which was being a professional dentist. Even though she does have an extraordinary ability, she wanted to remain a normal person who will choose their lifestyle, profession and hobby, without being open to the public.

Genetic Or Learned

Since Veronica strongly defies the average eyesight and found out that her eyesight was rare and special while she was in University, we have to say that this ability is purely genetic.

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Guinness World Records

  • Veronica holds the Guinness World Record for “smallest visible object”.

Names Known By

  • The Human Telescope