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William Trubridge – The Human Fish

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William Trubridge
William Trubridge


William Trubridge has the ability to free dive covering very long distances and breaking world records.


William Trubridge was born on 24th May 1980 in New Zealand, UK.

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Early Life

William Trubridge learnt how to swim when he was only 18 months old!
When he was 8 years old, William Trubridge was already free diving but he did it just for fun.
In 2003, he began to seriously train on free diving as a sport.
He trained with the Apnea Academy with people like Umberto Pelizzari and later on helped to found Apnea Academy International.

About William Trubridge

In 2005, William Trubridge became the first person to dive the Dean’s Blue Hole; now a venue for free diving, as a free diver.
In 2007, he dived to 81 meters and broke his first world record in the ‘Constant Weight No Fins’ category. After this, he still broke his own record several times.
In 2010, he became the first person to descend 330 feet down at the Project Hector event which was held to create awareness to the pledge of the endangered dolphin species in New Zealand.
Later on in the same year, William Trubridge used his own bare hands and feet to swim into the Dean’s Blue Hole’s abyss covering a distance of around 100 meters and swam back up to the surface to catch his breath. It took him 4 minutes 10 seconds. William Trubridge admitted that this was one of the hardest dives.
From 2013, he held the record for the Free Immersion and Constant Weight with No Fins category.
In 2016, he broke his own record and set a new one of 334 feet which was aired live on the New Zealand Television.
He is usually coached by his wife.
He also founded his own school on Long Island in the Bahamas which also holds free diving events every year.

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Genetic Or Learned

William Trubridge learnt how to swim at a very tender age of 18 months and later on took interest in free diving. With a lot of passion involved, he decided to pursue free diving as his career.

World Records

In 2007, he set the record for 81 meters Constant Weight with No Fins.
In April 2008, he broke the record for Free Immersion covering 107 meters.
In April 2009, he set a record for Constant Weight with No Fins covering 88 meters.
He set another record in December 2010; 101 meters for Constant Weight with No Fins.
In 2016, he broke a number of records including 102 meters for Constant Weight with No Fins in July.

Names Known By

The Human Fish

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Ultra Performance: The Psychology of Endurance Sports
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