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Wim Hof – The Iceman

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Wim Hof
Wim Hof


Wim Hof possess the ability to withstand sub-zero conditions by doing the Scientifically impossible; manipulating his autonomic nervous system functions, allowing him to control his heart rate, breathing, and blood circulation.


Wim Hof was born on April 20, 1959 in Sittard, Netherlands.

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Early Life

Wim Hof is 1 of 9 children, arguably the most unique child of the family.
He remembers first being drawn to cold water when he was just 17 years old.
When he was just 20 years old he was drawn to the icy cold water he walked along, and jumped right in, fully clothed.
He loved how he felt after being in the freezing cold water so much that he repeated it everyday thereafter.
Prior to becoming the Scientific Marvel that he is, he was known as a side show and his talents were not taken seriously.

About Wim Hof

Wim Hof holds 26 World Records.
He possess a much higher than average rates of brown adipose tissue, which helps the body with cold resistance.
In 2007 wearing only shorts and shoes, Hof climbed 22,000 feet up Mount Everest and proclaimed, “it was easy,” during an ABC News interview in 2008.
A recurring foot injury prohibited Hof from reaching the summit of Mount Everest.
In 2008 Hof broke his own Guinness World Record, staying immersed in ice for 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 48 seconds.
In 2009, wearing shorts, Hof climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and reached the top.
In 2010 Hof once again broke his own Guinness World Record in Tokyo, staying immersed in ice for 1 hour and 44 minutes.
In 2011 Hof again broke his own Guinness World Record twice in Inzell, Germany (February) & New York City, United States of America (November).
He has completed 2 marathons.
Hof completed one marathon above The Arctic Circle, wearing only shorts.
Hof’s second marathon was completed in The Namibian Desert.
He is a father of five. Four of his children are from his first marriage.
Sadly, in 1995 Wim Hof’s first wife took her own life.
He remarried and in 2003 welcomed a son with his second wife.

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Genetic Or Learned

His abilities are self taught.
He has mastered his superhuman abilities through dedicated practice and training.
He describes his ability to withstand extreme cold as having the ability to “turn his own thermostat up.”
He is considered a Scientific Marvel for his ability to control his autonomic nervous system functions of breathing, heart rate, and blood circulation.
According to scientist Maria Hopman, Wim Hof’s abilities are viewed as scientifically impossible.
He has conditioned his body to maintain a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius through breathing and mind control techniques.
In scientific laboratory settings, Wim Hof has proven that he is able to influence both his autonomic and immune systems at his own will.
He has demonstrated that the physically impossible can be made possible with mind control.
After practicing for a few short months, Wim Hof was able to draw enough oxygen into his body to enable him to stay under ice for 5 – 7 minutes without breathing.
He credits his ability to withstand extreme cold with breathing techniques, meditation, and exposure to cold.
He possess the ability to purposely hyperventilate, increasing his heart rate, adrenaline levels, and blood alkalinity.

Guinness World Records

Wim Hof holds 21 Guinness World Records.
Ice Endurance Feat, Wim Hof was immersed in ice for 1 hour and 52 minutes.
He ran up Mount Kilimanjaro in just 31 hours and 26 minutes.
Wearing just a pair of shorts, Wim Hof completed a full marathon above The Arctic Circle.
His superpowers aren’t just limited to cold temperature related feats. In September of 2011 Wim Hof ran a full marathon through The Namibian Desert without water.

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Names Known By

  • The Iceman

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Featured In

  • Wim Hof has been featured in the Vice Documentary: Wim Hof: Coming Home
  • In 2012 he appeared on an episode of Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files