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Aaron Evans – The Human Spring

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Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans


Aaron Evans can perform superhuman gymnastic stunts.


Aaron Evans was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1988.

Early Life

Aaron Evans started gymnastics and tumbling from the age of five after being inspired by a Bruce Lee Movie.
He continued practicing and training, on concrete, right through school.
Aaron attended eight different school between pre-secondary and secondary school due to discipline problems.
At 17 he left home and lived in his car, a Buick LeSabre, for two years.
When Aaron turned twenty he graduated from Kilmer South Option Secondary school.

About Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans has spent most his life working for restaurants and fast food companies.
He is also a Tattoo Artist and repairs electronics for extra cash.
Aaron performs his acrobatic stunts daily at an exercise centre in Milwaukee where he lives.
Aaron can somersault over three moving cars faster than any other human,29 seconds, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The cars were moving towards him at a speed of 30 miles per hour.
He appeared in Stan Lees Superhuman’s on the History Channel where he earned himself the name “The Spring.”
Aaron is planning to join a tour of China with the Guinness association to perform his stunts.
He is planning to increase his jump to four moving cars and remain in the Guinness Book of Records.
Aaron dreams of one day being an actor.

Genetic Or Learned

Aaron has used the potential that is in all of us to learn his amazing acrobatic tricks, however researchers at the University of Wisconsin believe he has higher developed spatial ability which helps him perform at this level.

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Guinness World Records

In November 2011, Aaron Evans broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest jump over three moving cars and earned himself a place in their records.

Names Known By

  • The Spring

Aaron Evans Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • Rude Tube (TV Series) – 2011
  • Outrageous Acts of Science (TV Documentary) – 2012
  • Stan Lees Superhuman’s (TV Documentary) – 2011