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Akiane Kramarik – Child Prodigy

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Akaine Kramarik
Akaine Kramarik


Akiane Kramarik began drawing at the young age of four and is also a very good poet.


Akiane Kramarik was born on 9th July 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois, United States.

Early Life

Akiane Kramarik’s childhood was not so pleasant since her parents were not so well off and really struggled to make ends meet.
They lived in a shanty which had no kitchen and barely any furniture in a very dangerous neighborhood.
Their mother would walk from door to door trying to find friends for them to play with but got rejected at every home.
At the time she was born, her father got ill because of the toxins in their well water and pesticides that were sprayed over their house by crop planes.
Seeing how bad their father’s health was, Akiane’s mother started a small book business which grew two years later and they moved to a mansion in Rolla, Missouri.
After their father got better, her mother quit the job to dedicate all her attention to them. Akiane says that her mother would always listen to everything she had to say about the dreams and visions that she had begun seeing about the future world. She was the only one who believed they were real.
One time, something mysterious happened; Akiane disappeared. A lot of cars and search parties appeared around their neighborhood and her photograph posted all over.
Surprisingly, she could see all the people who were looking for her but none of them could see her.
Sometime later, she appeared among the onlookers at her house. This awed her and everyone else. She says that she had been hearing the voice of God during the incident.
Through her dreams and visions, Akiane began drawing and painting with the help of her mother and brothers at the age of 4.

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About Akiane Kramarik

Akiane says that God spoke to her when she was 4 years old encouraging her to paint what she saw in her dreams and visions.
She began by drawing and when she was 5, Akiane advanced to painting. She sold her first portrait for US$ 10,000 and has continued making a lot more money from then on, part of which she donates to charity.
She draws animals, children and portraits as well with most of them being spiritual and allegorical like her painting; Prince of Peace (done in 2003), which is a representation of Jesus, revealed to her by God when she was 8 years old. She says that her inspiration comes from her connection to God and her visions.
Akiane Kramarik has completed over 200 artworks with some of her best works bought by the United States Embassy in Singapore.

Genetic Or Learned

Akiane started seeing visions when she was 4 years old. She draws inspiration from her visions to paint and draw.

Names Known By

  • Child prodigy

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