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Alex Honnold – Most Daring Free Solo-Climber

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Imagine hanging onto the face of a vertical rock with your bare hands and all alone. This is the incredible skill of rock face climber Alex Honnold. Read more about this man and his daring climbing feats.

Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold Superhuman Superpower

Alex is free-solo rock climber and the only human even to have climbed the 3000 foot El Capitan in Yosemite Park,


Alex was born on 17 August 1985 in Sacramento California

Early Life of Alex Honnold

Alex started climbing from the age of 11. He attended Mira Loma High School and moved on the University of California to study Engineering. He did not complete his degree and left university at 19 to devote his time to climbing.

About Alex Honnold

Alex climbs without a rope which could help him should he fall as he scales the sides of mountains with his bare hands. His greatest achievement was climbing the El Capitan wall in the Yosemite Park on 03 June 2017 in 3 hours and 56 minutes. He enjoys climbing in Yosemite Park and has completed the Nose of El Captain and the Half Dome. Alex has also climbed the Zion in Utah as weak as Bushido and Hong Kong Phooey. In 2010 he was awarded the “Golden Piton” for his climbing achievements. Alex still lives out his van as he searches for the next great climb. He is also the founder of the Honnold Foundation, a non-profit environmental group. Alex has been featured in the New York Times and in various commercials as well as in a few adventure climbing films.

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Genetic Or Learned

Learned – Alex has honed his climbing skills through years of practice and patience, although his nerves of skill must be genetic.

Official Website

Alex Honnold Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • The Push: A Climber’s Journey of Endurance, Risk and Going Beyond Limits – Tommy Caldwell – 2017
  • On the Nose: A Lifelong Obsession with Yosemite’s Most Iconic Climb – Hans Florine, Jayme Moye – 2016
  • Why We Climb: The World’s Most Inspiring Climbers – Chris Nobel -2017
  • The Climbers – Jim Herrington – 2017
  • Why We Climb: The World’s Most Inspiring Climbers – Chris Nobel -2017
  • Reel Rock Film Tour – 2015
  • Ultimate Rush – 2015
  • National Geographic Free Solo – 2018
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live – 2017
  • NBC nightly News with Lester Holt – 2017
  • Great Wide Open – 2016
  • Africa Fusion – 2016
  • In Depth with Graham Bensinger – 2016
  • Crack Climbs and Land Mines – 2015
  • Alex Honnold: At home off the wall – 2015
  • Reel Rock 10 – 2015
  • Ultimate Rush – 2014
  • A better Life – 2015
  • Valley Uprising – 2014
  • Alex Honnolds Urban Ascents – 2014
  • The Joe Rogan Experience – 2013
  • 60 Minute sports – 2013
  • First Ascent – 2010
  • Progression – 2009

Books Published by Alex Honnold

  • Alone on the Wall – 2015