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Alonzo Clemons – The Sculpting Savant

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Alonzo Clemons
Alonzo Clemons


Alanzo Clemons was gifted with a superhuman ability which would allow him to mould sculptures by just taking a look at the picture for hardly few seconds & perfectly mould them in hardly few hours.


Alonzo Clemons was born in 1958 in Boulder, Colorado.

Early Life

When Alonzo Clemons was young, he suffered a severe brain injury but even before that, his mother had spotted some hints of the gift of sculpting.
When he was two years old, Alonzo Clemons started molding Play-Dough and he never put it down; he would mold it into various different shapes for hours and hours at a stretch.
His mother observed that Alonzo could mould when he was a toddler.
When he was three years old, Alonzo Clemons fell and suffered a severe brain injury that left him severely disabled; his IQ level had dropped to the mid forties and he had also developed astounding and amplified artistic abilities.
Alonzo’s mother had recognized these abilities but due to his subsequent disabilities, she was afraid that his son would never fit in or find a certain acceptance in the artistic community.
Alonzo Clemons began molding for real when he started going to school. During class time, he would find himself a spot at the back of the class and create detailed statuettes out of the clay he had brought with him.
Anytime a teacher would find that he was capturing the attention of the other students and distracting the class, he/she would take away his clay. This however would not stop Alonzo from molding. He would take tar from pavements and continue making molded figures.

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About Alonzo Clemons

Alonzo Clemons does not study a model for hours in order to create a work of art like many other sculptors. It takes him just a few seconds to take a look at the dimensional picture and create one very accurate three dimensional sculpture in just one hour!
When it comes to creating a miniature version of certain animals he sees on TV, for example horses, sharks, it only takes him thirty minutes. Alonzo Clemons uses the mental picture of the particular animal in question as a reference which he says is easier for him to replicate just with his sense of touch.
His sense of touch is so good that he can sculpt in the dark.
When he visited the zoo more often, he began making more life-like sculptures.
As he went on, his disabilities lessened, he began to talk more often; he could look after himself and even took interest in power lifting.
Alonzo’s vocabulary had grown; he developed more independence and became more comfortable putting himself out there.
He participates in Special Olympics (power lifting) and continues to sell his marvelous works of art.

Genetic Or Learned

Many people who do sculpting are born with the gift to do so. Even though Alonzo was born with hints of this gift, doctors’ studies proved that he developed savant sculpting after he suffered severe brain damage.

Names Known By

Savant Sculptor

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Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into Britain
Art of Life Gallery – Santa Fe

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