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Annalisa Flanagan – The Human Megaphone

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Annalisa Flanagan
Annalisa Flanagan


Annalisa Flanagan is gifted with the superhuman ability to generate sounds with her mouth which is as loud as a jet engine.


Annalisa Flanagan was born in Northern Ireland.

Early Life

Not much is known about Annalisa’s early life and experiences.
She went to Regent House School and later on pursued Education at Stranmillis College.
Annalisa Flanagan has a twin sister.
Later on she became an elementary school teacher.
Her twin sister is the one who is partly credited for bringing Flanagan's very incredible talent to the public; she is the one who helped in publicizing her ability.
In 1992, they decided to set out to begin their mission to break world records.
They once managed to attain 119 decibels together setting a new record. However, Annalisa was credited also for being the louder one between the two.
Annalisa Flanagan says in her own words that they would have gone for breaking the ‘loudest twins’ world record’.
They held this record for a whole 23 years.

About Annalisa Flanagan

Two years after they broke a world record together with her twin sister on their first attempt, she tried once again but this time, without her twin sister.
She entered a Citybus shouting competition and won, breaking her own world record and setting a new one by reaching 121.7 decibels.
This achievement captured the whole world’s attention. The sound she made was equivalent to a fully packed musical concert or a loud jet engine. All this enormous sound coming from just one woman!
Despite breaking world records, Annalisa Flanagan continues her daily routine as an elementary school teacher.
Her voice can be very useful sometimes. For instance; it is quite an advantage when she wants to get the attention of someone i.e. when out in the open or in the field.
She however tries as much not to shout at her students while she’s teaching. Her students really love her as their teacher and are very proud of her.
Annalisa Flanagan has managed to make herself famous just by using her voice, something that very many of us take for granted.
Sometime later, she had her tonsils removed and when asked if it made a difference, she said her voice was still fine. She recorded a TV show later and managed to record 115 decibels which was lower than her previous record. The removal her tonsils prevented her from breaking more world records but she however did not mind.
Annalisa continues to work as an elementary school teacher at Finaghy Primary School and gets along very well children every day.
She has dedicated a lot of her time to raising funds for example for the Oasis Village Trust; this is something that she very passionate about.

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Genetic Or Learned

It has been proved by scientists that normal human beings are able to produce such sounds. Most people take years of training but she does it so naturally. Annalisa Flanagan’s ability is therefore genetic since she was born with it.

Guinness World Records

  • Attaining 121.7 decibels at a city bus shouting competition.
  • Reaching 119 decibels wither twin sister.

Names Known By

  • The human megaphone
  • Loudest human


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