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Arthur Lintgen – The Man who can read the Grooves

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Arthur Lintgen
Arthur Lintgen


Arthur Lintgen can identify the music on a vinyl record by examining the pattern of the grooves.


Arthur was born in 1942 in Philadelphia.

Early Life

He studied his medical doctor degree at the University of Philadelphia.

About Arthur Lintgen

Arthur is a practising medical doctor and his groove reading skills are just for entertainment. He first performed his amazing skill at a party as a joke/trick and even surprised himself. In 1981 he performed at Abington Hospital and successfully recognised 20 musical pieces in a row. The performance appeared on an ABC-TV Program called “Thats Incredible”. He can recognise music from as far as 15 feet away. His claim was tested and verified by James Randi in 1982. He cannot identify music with songs included and only recognises music he knows. Arthur was tested by Randi on Alice Cooper’s music and proclaimed it to be “Gibberish”. By knowing the different pressings various labels use he can often even identify the conductor of the music.

Genetic Or Learned

Arthur claims no special powers, his skill comes from an extensive knowledge of classical music, the ability to recognise the structure of the Vinyl and by examining the grooves he can identify the length and volume of the movements. By combining his knowledge he can identify the music.


Featured In

  • The Absolute Sound (book) 2005
  • Fanfare (book) 2009
  • CD Review Digest: Classical Volume 5 (book) 1991

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