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Brad Williams – Inspiring American Comedian & Actor

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Brad Williams
Brad Williams


Brad Williams overcame Dwarfism to become one of America’s top comedians.


Brad WilliamsBrad Williams was born in Los Angelos, California, America on 13 January 1984.

Early Life

Brad Williams was born with a genetic disorder, achondroplasia which caused dwarfism. He attended Sunny Hills High School in California and then the University of Southern California.
He dropped out of university to focus on his comedy and acting career. He got his break when attending a show of comedian Carlo Mencia and became the opening act for the show. Brad later starred in Mencia’s television series “Minds of Mencia”.

About Brad Williams

Brad Williams is only 1.32 tall. Brad has a podcast available on iTunes called “About Last Night”. Robin Williams called Brad “Prozac with a head” because of his boundless energy and ability to launch at himself. His one hour comedy show, “Fun Size” was the highest rated comedy show on Showtime in 2015. He toured with Carlo Mencia for five years as his opening act. Brad uses his disability, dwarfism, as a basis for allot of his comedy. Brad is currently single and not dating anyone.

Genetic Or Learned

Brad’s dwarfism is due to genetics, but his sense of humour, energy and superior comedic abilities are all self taught and maintained.

Official website

Brad Williams Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • Comedy Series – Mind of Mencia – Hosted by Carlos Mencia 2005-2008
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – St Patricks Day 2008
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live – Halloween 2008
  • The Pit Boss – S31 July 2010
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – St Patricks Day 2008
  • Coming up Short – Full length comedy – 2011
  • Hercules Saves Christmas – 2012
  • Mascots – 2016
  • Rageous – 2010
  • Little Evil – 2017
  • Return of the Mac – 2017
  • Court Ordered – 2016
  • Deadbeat – 2015 – 2016
  • Kamikaze Comedy – 2015
  • Extreme Championship Comedy Takeover – 2013
  • A Guy walks into a Bar – 2012
  • Geezaz – 2011
  • Hollywood Sex Wars – 2011
  • Balls to the Wall – 2011
  • Video Game Reunion – 2011
  • Team Apparition – 2011
  • Life is Short – 2006
  • El Matador – 2006
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